IT Jobs That Don’t Exist Now…But Will in 10 Years

by Sam Perry on August 11, 2009

Eyeing a job in IT is probably a safer bet these days than, say, one in the automotive sector. What’s more, eyeing a few of our best-guesses for up-and-coming IT jobs now may put you light-years ahead of the competition, should the need for some of these potential vocations arise…


Future day-to-day IT

On-site IT via Robot Loads of modestly-funded offices will grow to need a real person on-site to deal with computer technology issues even though they can’t actually afford such staff. In ten years, robots will be so cheap that a company could own a robot that a part-time IT staffer controls remotely. Picture one person who can control 4 or 5 telepresence robots as-needed, wheel around to repair jobs at each office, and interact with colleagues via speakers, camera, and screen…The ability to bring in coffee and donuts for co-workers will come later… modis-1b
IT Traffic Control On a pilot-project level, computer-controlled traffic systems have proven beneficial in reducing fuel consumption and pollution. The systems can work on more then a dozen pre-determined patterns or a human can switch them to a number of patterns based on traffic volume. As cities move to adopt systems (often replacing systems that haven’t changed since the 1920s) more and more technicians will be required to maintain and monitor such systems. modis_future_IT_traffic

IT in challenging areas

IT in Extreme Regions Fancy a job in the Antarctic (more than 1,000 people live there in peak season)?, underwater (the Canadian government just started building the Neptune Project, the world’s largest underwater research facility), or… modis-1a
IT in Spaaaace… The first paying suborbital tourists will blast-off in the coming months from Virgin Galactic’s New Mexico spaceport. Ten years from now, dozens of private and government space agencies will be flying vehicles and habitats (a half-scale space hotel is already in orbit) and someone’s going to need people to service their computer systems in-person. modis-1d
IT for Engine, Defense, and Weapons Software on Military Hardware U.S. military vessels have been experimenting with running their engines off of Microsoft operating systems since the late 1990s. Soon, even guns will have software: “Wilson! We’re taking heavy fire and Johnson’s rifle just caught a virus – get in there!” modis-1c
IT for Medical Technology As healthcare gets more dependant on specific, complex diagnostic, surgical and other tools, IT specialists will need to operate, monitor, and service these tools. Imagine IT staff joining anaesthesiologists, nurses, and other support staff in the operating room. modern_surgery_robot

IT support

IT Counsellor We’re amazed this position doesn’t yet exist – at least in large numbers. Sooner or later, IT workers will need to lie on the couch and talk to a professional therapist or counsellor trained in psychology but also familiar with computer technology and the IT industry. modis-1e
Virtual Community IT Person It’s not far-fetched that someone will eventually need to handle IT for “pretend” computer systems in virtual worlds such as The Sims. Hopefully such staff will get more than virtual pay… modis-1f

IT outside the box

A.I. Trainer Sooner, rather than later, so-called intelligent systems will evolve into true artificial intelligence. Much like a human brain, such a.i. can’t just be “made”, it has to be grown and then taught. Within ten years, we predict that large numbers of people will be required to train and maintain these artificial consciousnesses. modis-1g
IT Artist New York storyteller Jonathan Harris brings information on the web together in moving, visually stimulating and provocative ways, turning sometimes random data and images into moving stories and even visual art. In 10 years, such art could be an established genre… modis_future_IT_art
Administrators for Digital Nations If MySpace were a country right now, its population would be the 11th largest on Earth, according to Eventually, such virtual spaces will need people to manage them: People who speak both the language of government and of new media. modis-1h
Virtual Reality Arena Attendant Think Star Trek, not 3D movies: Immersive, fantasy-realm holo-areas already exist. In 10 years, such holo-experiences will be cheap, commonplace, and require thousands of IT-savvy folk to act as VR referees, janitors, concession attendants, and more. modis-1i
Chimpanzee/Dolphin/Terrier Translator Technician What the heck, we’re calling it now: In ten years, animals will be able to talk to us (remember that dolphin on NBC’s Seaquest DSV?) Eventually, someone will need to build and maintain the translation software that lets you philosophize with your cat and the like. Why not you? modis-1j

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Kenji August 16, 2009 at 3:19 am

Heard of Mechatronics?

Think automation. Robots, computers, medical, aerospace, appliances, anything and everything. Designing, creating, programming, repairing. Its the future!

zprude October 5, 2009 at 6:04 pm

What are going to the newest and hotest IT jobs in the next 10 years ?

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