Why IT Recruiters Have More Fun

by Modis on March 23, 2015

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IT, as a job function, is undergoing a big paradigm. Once perceived as a ‘cost-sink,’ IT has now become a revenue engine — responsible for today’s most pressing questions related to big data, scalability, and the cloud. IT teams are navigating new business questions related to big data and infrastructure for the first time.

It’s this important change that makes it clear why IT Recruiters have a more challenging and fun job. In seeking out IT candidates, you’ll be looking for a rare type of technologist. You’ll also be venturing into a very big market opportunity — one that will only continue to grow in the next few years as businesses continue to prioritize IT and data science as core operations. The field is still young, which means that it’s a great time to become an IT recruiter. Here’s why.

1. You’ll become an expert in your field

As an IT recruiter, you’ll be looking to help hire unicorns — seeking out sets of traits that are rare in today’s talent market. That’s why you’ll need to be laser focused on achieving some very specific goals. While other types of recruiting will require you to focus on many sectors, IT recruiting will empower you to hone in your skills in one area and become a master. This deep industry knowledge will help you advance into key leadership roles — and even help you start your own firm one day.

2. You’ll always be learning

Because technology is constantly evolving, your job is going to change too. Companies are always adding new types of technical roles to their organizations. Every day and every year is different, which means that you will constantly build upon your skill sets to fill key hires.

3. You’ll gain key technical knowledge

Building upon point 2, your role as a recruiter will force you to learn a lot about technology — which will position you to migrate into different management and leadership roles throughout your career. To staff roles effectively, you’ll need to stay on top of new technologies before they even exist. To stay ahead of the competition, businesses will need to be ahead of the market in terms of finding and placing key hires.

4. You meet amazing people

What you’ll quickly learn as an IT recruiter is that it’s tough to find top talent. There are very few people who embody the unique combination of skills and traits that are required in IT leadership. That’s why, as a recruiter, you’ll need to form deep, lasting relationships with every candidate that you meet — you’ll be a part of your candidates’ career trajectories for years to come.

When you do find that amazing person, it will be incredibly rewarding. Other recruiters won’t have to look as hard for relationships — but their candidate bonds won’t be as strong, either.

Start your recruiting career today

It takes a dedicated, smart, and adventurous person to be an IT recruiter. If these character traits sound like you, you shouldn’t wait. The market opportunity is still early, which means that there’s plenty of upside to succeed. If you’re interested in joining one of the nation’s top IT Recruiting teams, contact Modis today or check out WorkAtModis.com for all of our open jobs.

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