Infographic: Labor Day and the Tech Workforce

by Modis on August 13, 2015

Labor Day IG

With the end of summer and Labor Day quickly approaching, we decided to revisit a former IG and give it a 2015 tech upgrade. Today, Labor Day may seem all beaches and picnics, but the evolution of the day has deep historical roots. In our infographic below, we explore the events that lead to the holiday and how our workforce has evolved, becoming technologically and IT dependent.

Tech candidates set the pace for the job market, salaries and expectations about total compensation. But to pave the way for this to happen, American workers first had to help set the standard for work-life balance, a notion that eventually lead to the modern Labor Day.

Our own Salary Guide data reveals the average salaries of the most in-demand specialists are continuing to rise. The next several years promise to equate to even more salary and job growth, especially in Health IT, Network and Systems Engineering and Data Analytics.

Read on to learn more about the IT workforce and the history of Labor Day:

Infographic: Evolution of Labor and the history of Labor Day

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