How to Leave a Job on a Good Note

by Modis on October 18, 2016

coworker about to leave a jobEverybody leaves a job at some point in their career. How you leave a job is important not only for you, but for everyone around you, including your former coworkers and employer. Here are some things you can do to leave a job on a positive note.

Take responsibility and be accountable for your work from start to finish.

Even though you’ve given your notice and your plans are to move on to greener pastures, try to remember your employer valued your knowledge and skills enough to hire you. Be respectful, responsible, and accountable all the way through to your last day at work. Show your employer, your coworkers and yourself that you’re professional right to the end. Make sure to:

  • Work hard to meet all deadlines so other coworkers aren’t left with any unnecessary workload. It demonstrates your level of accountability and professionalism.
  • Put your best effort into all tasks. It shows you maintained a high level of dedication all the way through to the end.
  • Deliver work on time to others who depend on you. This helps them to also meet their professional goals and respect you for being fair and considerate.
  • Communicate and document outstanding items and outline an action plan (if applicable) to create a smooth transition with minimal confusion.

Be respectful to everyone you’re leaving behind.

When you leave a company, you’re also leaving behind many coworkers who have made the decision to stay for their own personal or professional reasons. Try to be mindful of the things you say that may impact how they feel at work after you’re gone. Keep your discussions and actions positive so that you as well as others can retain good memories of your time there. This goes a long way to keep the morale of others elevated. Be considerate and do your part to focus on positive experiences and relationships when talking with coworkers.

Give back to your employer.

Whether you are aware of it or not, your employer has invested a significant amount of time, energy, and resources to hire, train, compensate, and retain you. Verbally convey your appreciation and thanks, and demonstrate the same through your actions and hard work. Regardless of your motivations for leaving, focus on the positive things that have been accomplished and any support you received from your employer. Everyone should have some positive experience that has come out of an employment situation. Say thank you and give everyone an opportunity to leave things on a good note.

Leave the door open when you leave a job.

Prior to leaving your job, take the time to walk around and say a cheerful goodbye and share your contact information. It’s important for everyone’s well-being to know the professional relationships that were forged during your time at that company are still of value, even though you’re moving on to another position. According to the findings in a new Modis survey, 35 percent of hiring managers would re-hire talent that had previously left the company three months before, and 33 percent would re-hire no matter how long ago the talent left. Life changes and you never know which paths will cross again; remain positive and keep the door open to future career possibilities.

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