Manual Jobs Outsourced to Machines

by Modis on September 9, 2015

Illustration by Jim Cooke, via GawkerIllustration by Jim Cooke, via Gawker Media

As the tech world continues to evolve, it is becoming more and more likely that many manual jobs will become automated. In fact, according to a recent Oxford University study, automation may claim as many as 47% of current jobs by 2033. This shift will also create a number of job opportunities for IT professionals.


In a feature published by Wired, J.P. Gownder, an analyst with Boston-based tech research firm Forrester, offered his insight into the transition towards machine automation. Commenting on the robotic valet parking service now available in German airports, Gownder argues that these high tech robotics of this nature will require a new kind of maintenance from humans. He explains that, “These are not white-collar jobs… this is the evolution of the repair person. It’s harder to fix a robot than it is to fix a vending machine.”

As a result of this shift to automated robotic work, there will soon be a greater need for quality IT talent. We are profiling two top jobs that are transitioning away from their traditionally manual nature and the IT positions that will become available as a result of the changes.

Delivery Services

As we discussed in our recent blog post on drone technology , the Federal Aviation Association recently approved a list of 500 companies to fly drones. As Amazon has already proven with their use of drones to transport packages, many companies are looking for alternative methods for their delivery services. This expanded list of companies with drone use approval almost guarantees that their delivery capabilities will continue to be tested and improved.

After Amazon was initially granted approval for drone use, representatives from the company said that their drone technology advanced significantly in just five months. The ceiling is extremely high for drone technology, but if these companies hope for it to totally redefine their delivery service methods, they will need some serious help from IT professionals like:

Information Security Analysts

Delivery drones will be carrying far more than just the packages that a consumer has ordered. They will need to be programmed with a person’s address and other personal information to ensure that a delivery is successful. This information could easily fall into the hands of resourceful hackers if it is not protected correctly. That’s where an Information Security Analyst comes into play. Their job is to help companies cope with security breaches and develop highly effective cybersecurity strategy. Their assistance will be invaluable to the continued development of drone technology.

Software Developers

Simply put, as far as businesses are concerned, drone technology would be virtually useless without Software Developers. The rise of mobile technology has generated an incredible demand for application and systems Software Developers. We expect that demand will grow even more as drone technology becomes more widespread. Software Developers will be called upon to program drones with necessary software information for delivery and to ensure that the software is protected.

Data Entry Associates

Data entry has long been problematic for businesses. For one, it can be very labor intensive when large batches of a data are involved, which they often are. As a result, the services can end up being very expensive for businesses. Additionally, the data is often very sensitive and private to the company. This means data entry is a position that requires a thorough screening of an applicants’ discretion and character. To avoid these kinds of hassles, many businesses have made the transition to using data entry softwares. In order to keep the software operating properly and evolve it for the future, companies will need to enlist the help of IT pros like:

Systems Analysts

Many of the best data entry softwares available are cloud-based. As organizations seek to transition their data entry to these cloud platforms, they will need Systems Analysts to migrate and protect their new systems to the cloud. Systems Analysts are essential to help a business’ systems and IT teams run more efficiently and create positive results for the bottom line.

IT Project Managers

With a job as vital as data entry, IT Project Managers will be necessary to manage the teams that monitor the data entry software. They will be the ones to define the goals for the team and the data entry process, motivate the team to achieve these goals, and determine the metrics for measuring success. It will also be the responsibility of the IT Project Managers to assess the performance of the data entry software and make recommendations for future use.

What More Automated Jobs Mean for your Workplace

As more and more jobs are created as workplaces become more automated, job seekers and employers alike will need to stay up to date with evolving technology. With Modis as a strategic partner, you can be sure that you will stay ahead of emerging tech trends. Learn more about how we can assist you today!

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