May the 4th Be With You in Your Everyday Life

by Modis on May 2, 2017

star wars - may the 4thIt’s an exciting time to be a Star Wars fan, whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the iconic sci-fi franchise or a young newcomer to the ways of The Force. Between massive buzz over the film saga’s epic rekindling and a glut of fresh and fun opportunities to celebrate your fandom with fellow Star Wars geeks, passion for the series is at an exciting new peak.

Looking for creative ways to incorporate your love of Star Wars into your everyday life? Here are some great examples and more than a few unique suggestions to help get you started! Oh, and May the 4th be with you!

1) Get a Star Wars tattoo.

Nothing says “hardcore super fan” like permanently inking your favorite character or iconic series art etched into your flesh. If you’re the tattooing type or are simply feeling adventurous, this is one epic way to make Star Wars a part of your day… forever.

2) Create a new generation of little fans.

Are you a new parent who’s eager to bring your newborn into the fold with your Star Wars fandom? An adorable themed photo shoot or decorating the nursery with a cute twist on the classic sci-fi series might be just the thing to set the tone for your little bundle of Jedi joy.

3) Volunteer with the 501st Legion.

Dubbed “Vader’s Fist,” this global cosplay-loving nonprofit organization is all about creating cool Star Wars gear and attending community gatherings and charity events to bring galactic cheer to the masses. Regional groups are scattered around the country, so definitely look them up!

4) Listen to (or create your own) Star Wars podcasts.

Essentially streamable talk radio for fellow geeks, podcasts are great way to hear fascinating stories and connect with fans. They’re fun to listen to, and creating your own regular show to talk Star Wars shop is pretty easy if you’re tech-savvy.

5) Attend a fan convention.

Conventions are a thrilling way to engage with the larger Star Was community, making for an unforgettable experience. If you love to travel, it’s worth planning a trip to the annual Star Wars Celebration in Orlando to see the explosion of sci-fi love on tap.

6) Don your snazziest Star Wars attire.

Man, there’s something that feels good about wearing a Star Wars garment to spread the love and identify yourself to other fans. A t-shirt is an obvious choice, but there’s a whole galaxy of possibilities, including socks, underwear, neckties, hats, pants—you name it.

7) Get crafty in the kitchen.

Baking might not be everybody’s thing, but if you have the skill, whipping up a batch of “Wookiee Cookies” or other tasty treats can be a fun and flavorful way to share your appreciation for the franchise. There are some fascinating books on crafting Star Wars edibles chock full of funny recipes to try.

8) Introduce your pets to the ways of the force.

Pet lovers have a whole world of adorable possibilities to explore when it comes to decking your furry pals out with cute costumes and attire. From simple collars to elaborate pet costumes, it’s easy to dive down this rabbit hole. They may hate you for it, but won’t they look so cute?

9) Pen your own fan-fiction.

If writing is your thing, penning your own Star Wars fan fiction can be a blast and a great way to flex those creative brain muscles. There’s a pretty massive online community for Star Wars-themed fan-fiction, whether you want to contribute your won pieces or just read what other crazy stories people have concocted within the series’ universe.

10) Deck our your abode.

Immersing yourself in the force daily is a lot easier when you’ve put the time into decorating your living or workspace with the appropriate accoutrements. There’s a ton of interesting and unusual home/office decor available for Star Wars fans to decorate with, ranging from classing standby like movie posters and collectible action figures to geek chic goodies like R2D2 popcorn poppers, Death Star desk lamps, and Hans Solo in carbonite throw rugs.

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