Millennial Myth 4: Millennials question everything!

by Modis on July 23, 2013

Millennial Myths Workplace

In part four of our ongoing exploration into the myths and realities of Millennials in the workforce, we take a look at why Gen-Y seems to ask so many questions and what their endless curiosity really means.

Myth: Millennials question everything!

Millennials ask a ton of questions. In fact, they ask far too many, which is their a way of questioning their manager’s authority or ability to make decisions. Millennials are far too self-absorbed and their constant need for answers — even after they’ve been given proper direction — perpetuates the stereotype. All of the incessant pestering and second-guessing detracts from their productivity and weighs the team down.

Or does it?

Reality: Millennials have a need to understand why

From an early age, Millennials were taught to ask “why.” They were also taught, through standardized testing, there is an exact formula they need to follow. If you don’t give them the formula from the get-go, you can expect to be peppered with questions. As an effective leader, you have to be sure to explain what you’re doing and why. Helping Millennials make this connection is key to their success, boosting their potential to thrive and be a valuable asset to your company.

Some employers might confuse Millennials’ propensity to be more inquisitive and ask questions when given direction as a sign of disrespect. When their inquisitive nature arises, don’t automatically assume Millennials are questioning you or your authority. They’re merely asking questions — either because they don’t quite understand how to fully tackle the task at hand or they want to know more about the approach they should take. What might seem like a simple direction to you may not be as cut and dry to your Gen-Y employees. Give them the benefit of the doubt and take that extra step to check your assumptions: it’ll help everyone be a more cohesive unit in the long run.

Millennials often benefit from this extra level of clarification, which allows them to more effectively focus on not only completing their work, but doing it correctly. By better understanding why things must be done a certain way, they can accept direction more easily and are more likely to excel at the tasks at hand. By taking the initiative and communicating more than what might seem necessary, managers will find their Millennial employees have less room to second guess themselves.

Stay tuned for more Millennial myth busting in next week’s installment!

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