Millennial Myth 5: Millennials are Social Media Obsessed

by Modis on July 26, 2013

Millennial Myths WorkplaceIn this final installment of our series exploring the myths and realities of Millennials in the workforce, we take a look at whether Gen-Y’s obsession with social media is a bane or a boon to employers.

Myth: Millennials are social media obsessed

Millennials are said to live for their “likes” and status updates. So much revolves around Facebook, Twitter, and many other sites that Millennial employees can’t rationalize face-to-face conversations or even talking on the phone. It’s a miracle if they actually make their way to your office instead of emailing back and forth with you about a project they are working on. This multimedia overload is completely redefining human interaction in the workplace.

Or is it? 

Reality: Millennials are social media obsessed, but that can be a good thing!

Helping your Millennial employees find a healthy social media balance is important, and you can also turn their tech savvy obsessions to your advantage. Try to assign them tasks that allow them to spend productive time on social media. Does your company have a Facebook page? Allowing your Millennials to manage and contribute content will satisfy their need for digital engagement, and it’ll also help your company’s Klout Score.

Having employees who are more active in social media can greatly increase your company’s digital reach in staggering ways. Among a single user’s fan base, social media reach is 34 times larger than that individual themselves. With millennials at the helm who know how to maximize the impact of their online networking connections, you can make excellent gains for your company. At a time when businesses can live or die based on how they adapt to the digital world, these plugged-in employees can greatly impact the success of your company.

Allowing more direct forms of online networking can also boost productivity in the office. For instance, many companies are using instant messaging rather than phone calls, e-mail, and face-to-face meetings in order to boost productivity. In this environment, Millennial employees can take advantage of their speedy chat skills and multitasking capabilities to get things done more efficiently without extra interruptions.

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