Expand Your Online Footprint, One Step at a Time

by Modis on August 18, 2015

online footprint

In this plugged-in digital age, landing the job of your dreams often hinges on much more than simply handing in a solid resume. Hiring managers looking for the top talent to fill their key roles are just as likely to turn to Google to seek for prime job seekers, as they are to sift through the stack of resumes on their desk. That’s where building your online footprint can make a world of difference! When it comes to scoring amazing job offers and setting yourself apart from other job seekers in a crowded market, it’s essential to obtain an online footprint.

Having a strong, professional presence on the web and social media can spur employers to reach out to you with great job offers. It can also boost your credibility by further establishing your identity as an expert in your given field. To help you get ahead, here are some important tips for expanding your online presence and putting your best foot forward as you get your name out there in the digital world.

Optimize your website and public profiles

Don’t have a slick-looking website with info about your background, skills and professional work experience? Well, it’s time to create one! Carving out your own little chunk of the web with a site to serve as your home base is incredibly useful. Popular portals like flavors.meabout.me and WordPress let you create simple and attractive sites for free. Once you have a site, it’s important to optimize it to maximize its efficiency and get the most out of it.

At its simplest, your website could be as bare-bones as a nice looking landing page with your profile info, background and contact information. But if you have more content and different pages, make sure your site includes a prominent “About Me” section. This should include a smiling, professional-looking headshot and a short blurb that quickly and effectively summarizes your experience, skills and achievements into a single punchy paragraph. Below this, or on a separate page, include a concise breakdown of your resume, work experience and more detail on any special skills you bring to the table. Important: don’t forget to include an email contact and links to your relevant social media profiles on your blog, and you should also include a link back to your website or resume page on all of your social media profiles, too.

Create killer content related to your area of expertise

Content marketing is big in the online world, and you can easily apply its powerful pull to your job hunting efforts. By creating interesting and captivating content on your blog — like how-to articles, thought leadership pieces, comments on trends in your industry and even videos — you can attract a ton of eyeballs to your resume. At the end of each piece, you should include a headshot, a short bio and call to action for anyone who might want to hire you.

Beyond simply creating great content, you want to encourage others to share it and amplify your message. You can do this by setting your posts to automatically propagate to all of your social media accounts, and by including social media sharing buttons within your posts encouraging others to share the content on their social media feeds.

Network with industry leaders and peers on social media

Rather than simply blasting out links to your own content over social media, you should also make a concerted effort to follow industry leaders and connect with like-minded peers in your field of expertise. Social media makes it very easy to strike up conversations with people online, if done in the right way. You can use this to forge online friendships and make valuable connections that can lead to job leads and professional opportunities. Just remember to be professional, polite and positive in your interactions.

Look beyond the usual social media sites

For tech-minded job seekers in the design and development fields, it can be useful to look beyond the usual suspects when it comes to social networking and online sites. If you’ve created a clever or useful bit of software, for example, putting it up on Github and linking to it can be a great way to show your chops to prospective employers. Or look to other sites, like Zerply, that cater to career profile highlighting and networking in the games and tech industry.

Building your online brand

Building a strong online presence is absolutely necessary because of all the competition in the workforce. Modis can work with you directly to build your resume and help you stand out! Ready to connect with your dream job right now? Search our large database to get a look at all the available opportunities!

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