Four Ideas to Revamp Your Resume

by Modis on April 10, 2014

Resume writing is a discipline where art meets science. In addition to communicating your invaluable work history and education, you need to fit every detail on one page —and in a way that you can get noticed by potential employers. Resume Revamp Resume Tips to Get NoticedDon’t underestimate this process — it’s tough, and in some cases, you’ll need to push yourself past your comfort zone. Keep in mind that on average, recruiters spend six seconds reviewing each resume that enters their endless piles.

You need to make an immediate impression with a high-impact resume. Here are four of our favorite inspiring resumes types full of inspiration and tips to help your resume stand out in the crowd:

1. The Infographic Resume

Who says that you can’t have fun with your resume? Even in IT, visually appealing design is a great way to help you distinguish yourself from the crowd, and this infographic resume does an excellent job of just that. Instead of listing your experiences, showcase your storyline and professional narrative. It’s a great way to capture a recruiter’s attention for more than six seconds.

Not a designer? No worries! You can also use a tool like Piktochart, which provides high-quality infographic templates to non-designers.

2. The Interactive Resume

What better way to wow prospective employers than with actual work that you’ve done? Converting a personal website into an online, interactive resume is a great way to showcase your work. Additionally, hosting this material on your LinkedIn profile is also beneficial. You can upload examples of your coding skills to GitHub, which recruiters are potentially browsing anyway.

3. The Slideshow Resume

Tools like Prezi can help you communicate your experiences in a visually engaging and creative format. Let your creative side shine, and don’t be afraid to tell your story to the best of your abilities — it could even be a comic book!

4. Video

Video is one of the most under-utilized yet high-impact tools for building 1:1 relationships. If you are looking for a way to give your resume a personal touch, video is absolutely it. If you’re not comfortable with the DIY approach, try enlisting a creative friend or find a professional videographer using a platform like SmartShoot.

Don’t let your resume fall through the cracks.

Stand out by developing a presence beyond simple paper. Think of yourself like a business — is a simple, black and white piece of paper the best way to showcase the unique value that you bring to the table? Probably not. We hope our tips have inspired your resume revamp. And when you’re ready, search our IT jobs to open the door to your next opportunity.

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