5 Ways to Save Time on Your Job Search

by Modis on November 30, 2015

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Finding the right job that will give you financial stability and long-term satisfaction in your role with a company can be critical for your happiness. Mounting work stress over ill-fitting employment often spills over into our home lives with catastrophic effect, which is why a good, fulfilling job can be more valuable than you might expect. This makes determining whether a job is a good fit before you are hired all the more important.

We know finding the right fit during a job hunt can be a time consuming process. But what if we told you there are 5 things you can look for during the job hunt that will significantly cut down on the time you spend searching? It’ true! Here are the tips to guide you towards the job opportunities that are the best fit and help you steer clear from any potential nightmare gigs in less time.

Does a Job Prospect Align with your Passions?

Everyone has an ideal dream career they’re aiming for. But it’s also important to be on the lookout for any related jobs that might align with your other interests besides your core expertise and training. If you have additional skills and abilities that could come into play, it’s worth being open to those opportunities, especially if a role appeals to you on a deeper level beyond the perks of being gainfully employed. When you check out new job listings, consider how your interests might apply to the work and particular role.

Is the company’s culture a good fit?

Many companies in the tech world have a reputation that precedes them. Take Google, for example, where a more relaxed corporate culture and other creative perks make it an alluring employer for many job seekers. It’s worth doing a little research on a company you’re considering applying to, to see if you can get a sense for how it treats its employees, what kind of work atmosphere it supports, and how employees feel about working there. Sometimes, discovering the corporate culture might only be gleaned from face-to-face interviews, though you’d be surprised what kind of intel you can find online.

Is there clarity in the job description?

Just because a potential employment lead looks good at a quick glance doesn’t mean it’s going to be the best fit for you. Big problems can arise when you wind up being hired for a position that suddenly becomes fluid and changes after you’ve accepted the job and already begun working. Always scrutinize the fine print of any job role description and watch for any wishy-washy language or unusual vagueness in outlining what the work entails. A lack of clarity or an excessive amount of moving components to what should seem like a more straightforward job could be a warning sign of rough seas ahead. Catching this ahead of time can help you arm yourself with valuable questions to ask if you proceed to the interview phase. Or give you enough foresight to look elsewhere.

Is the compensation level at or above what you’d expect?

It’s true that many companies don’t explicitly give out specific information on salaries and benefits for a job before you’ve been offered the position, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do a little detective work to try to feel things out first. You might try reaching out to a friend, acquaintance, or former colleague who’s worked for the company to get some insider intel on what the experience and pay scale is like. Or you could do some online research to see what the average salary range is for that kind of role based-on the size of the company. In either case, you should be wary of employers that offer lower compensation, even if it’s a job role you feel passionate about. Without room for upwards momentum, your lower paying “dream job” could turn into a soul sucking grind that’s not worth they pay. It’s always good to double check.

Play it safe and work with a recruiter.

Working with a recruiter that specializes in the types of jobs you’re interested in can be a great alternative to trying to navigate the tricky job hunting minefield on your own. These agencies come well warmed with insider information about an employers culture, pay scale, and other perks and benefits, which can rapidly speed up the process of finding a great job. You want someone on your side who can streamline the process for everyone involved and help connect you with the roles that you’re best suited for at companies that are equally a great fit.

Ready to Advance your Career?

The interview and job search process can be very tiring. Looking for the ideal job takes time so let Modis help you find that perfect career in IT and save you from the stress. Contact one of our 60 offices, across the United States to get started in finding your dream job!


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