Should You Take That Job Promotion?

by Modis on November 29, 2016

man being offered a job promotion after a job interviewYou’ve worked hard, you knocked the interview out of the park, and then it happened: you were offered a job promotion.¬†Before rushing to accept, there are some important details to consider. Take a look at this list prior to making a decision that could impact the rest of your life.

1. Is the job a good fit? Qualifications are a small fraction of what’s meant by ‘good fit.’ If the job that’s offered comes with travel, long hours, work that you don’t enjoy, and people that you don’t enjoy working with, the money that comes with that promotion may not be enough. Think carefully about daily task requirements.

2. How did the person that previously held the job do? Did that person hold the job title for a long time? What was the reason that person decided to leave? Was that person content? Take a good look at the colleague that filled those new promotion shoes prior. No two people are alike, but there are probably some recognizable patterns if you look closely enough.

3. Will you be in over your head? There are reasons that you were selected for a job promotion, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re ready for the new position. Can you comfortably handle what’s thrown your way? Do you know what your starting steps will be or where to pick up with the new job?

4. How does the job promotion mesh with the rest of your life? Nearly 30% of your entire life will be spent working – that’s a significant amount of time. However, there are other parts of life to consider as well. Will that new job get in the way of your family, a certain hobby or interest, or a personal project?

5. Is the new position risky? Sometimes accepting a job promotion can mean potentially losing your place within a company. How secure is the new job offer? Can you afford to lose your job if it doesn’t work out?

6. Is it a real promotion? Adding a few names to your existing title while also handing you a pile of extra work isn’t really a good deal. Unless that job promotion comes with a raise and some additional perks, you might not be getting a boost up at all.

After Making Your Decision: How to Accept or Decline a Job Promotion

Declining a job promotion is not an easy thing to do. If a job offer isn’t a good fit, take care when turning down that offer. Here are some ways to politely decline.

1. Be honest. Simply say why the new job won’t benefit you or the company you work for.

2. Clearly state that you enjoy your current position and wish to keep it – and your place within the company.

3. Consider suggesting a colleague that might be a better fit for the role. Sometimes a hiring manager is simply looking for someone to fill a position and will be grateful for a recommendation.

4. Make sure that any promotion is declined with grace. Be kind, be honest, and be courteous. It’s okay not to take every job promotion that’s offered.

Even though you might not be the perfect fit for that new job, it’s always a good idea to accept or decline a job offer based on logic and careful consideration.

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