8 Must-Have Office Supplies for Every Tech Geek

by Modis on March 23, 2017

tech geek office suppliesWho says working in an office environment can’t be fun? With the notoriously chill workplace culture of many tech startups and the flexibility of forward-thinking companies in the industry, there’s often a lot of wiggle room to let your geek flag fly. If you’re keen to spice up your cubicle life with a few fun accoutrements that speak to your inner geek, we’ve got a killer list of office-themed goodies you won’t want to miss.

Ready to make your coworkers drool with envy? These must-have office supplies and gadgets for every tech geek should do the trick.

1) Laser Keyboard

The future is NOW! “Old-school” computer keyboards that exist on the actual physical plane are so 2005. Instead, this insanely cool device connects wirelessly to any Bluetooth-enabled computer or tablet, turning any flat surface into an instant pew-pew laser keyboard. Talk about typing with style. This sci-fi office gadget is guaranteed to turn heads.

2) Star Trek Paperclips

Are your meticulously collated and organized office documents prepared to boldly go where no one has gone before? They are if you adorn them with these fantastic fasteners. Nothing says “greetings hu-man” to your fellow office Trekkies quite like a nice Star Trek paperclip.

3) Official Star Wars Photocopy Paper

Don’t even think about crossing the streams by combining this with #2, but honestly: what isn’t here to love about Official Star Wars-themed photocopier paper? When regular old copy paper just simply won’t do, this lovingly decorated box of copy paper from a galaxy far, far away is exactly the copy paper you’re looking for. Plus, the box doubles as the perfect storage bin for all your Star Wars memorabilia.

4) Retro Floppy Disk Sticky Notes

Once a staple of any bustling office work space, 3.5″ floppy disks have long become a distant memory for all but the most antiquated of computer systems. Still, they have some retro charm. Pay homage to the good old days of ultra limited storage space and constant disk swapping by leaving these charming sticky notes here, there, and everywhere. You might even trick a coworker or two in the process.

5) Military Grade USB

When you need serious protection and security for your data, you can’t just rely on any old USB drive to store your files. From its waterproof casing and heavy-duty aluminum casing to its on-board keypad password-protected lock, your files are safe with this military grade USB stick. Overkill? Perhaps. But so worth it!

6) Pokemon Stress Ball

A busy workday full of chaos and office mishaps can leave you aggravated and eager to blow off steam. We recommend getting your mitts on this cute squeezable Pokeball to safely wring out your frustrations in style. Just try to resist the temptation to fling it at your coworkers. Gotta-catch’em-all!

7) Meh. Mug

For those days when you’re just not feeling it, this simple-yet-elegant mug is a great way to let your coworkers know that perhaps they might want to reconsider bugging you before you’ve had a second cup of coffee.

8) Retro 8-Bit Mouse Pads

If you love waxing nostalgic about the good old days of 8-bit gaming on early home consoles, then your desktop workstation simply won’t be complete without one of these amazing mouse pads adorned with screens from the best Nintendo games of yesterday.

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