Techinisms: Tech We Can’t Live Without

by Modis on September 23, 2015


As a society, we’re so hyper plugged-in that it’s hard to imagine a time when the simple technologies we often take for granted didn’t exist. Our favorite techie doodads and services of today can be both helpful and entertaining, but are we so attached to our devices that we couldn’t function without them? For some of us? Possibly. But there are better ways to balance the technical with the real world.

For starters, consider these critical technologies as “techinisims” or technology we use as a coping mechanism. Basically, these are the tech we can’t live without. How big of a role do they play in your day-to-day routine? What would your life be like, without them?


At a basic level, being able to call, text and communicate from just about anywhere is invaluable for everything from modern convenience. For example, ordering a pizza while you’re on the way to pick it up or dialing 9-1-1 to save lives in a sudden emergency situation. Cellphones are inarguably omnipresent in our society — to the point where they almost become a semi-permanent extension of our being.


Primitive early computers would take up entire rooms, so it’s hard to argue against the convenience of being able to take your Mac or PC with you on-the-go. Laptops are killer because they let you do everything from surf the web and tackle work remotely to playing games and streaming videos. If you’re a writer, coder or creative professional, being able to build and work outside of your home or office is a great productivity booster.


The world would be a very different place without email, that’s for sure. We use it to communicate, deliver data and content and so much more! Email is one of the first things many of us check every single day. For those of us that rely on it for work or our business, it’s tough to imagine trying to get anything done without it. The thought of manually printing out and mailing hundreds of messages a day and then waiting for responses is agonizing at best.


Next to email, social media has created another massive shift in how we communicate and stay in touch with our friends, family and professional contacts. Facebook is a great way to stay connected with your community, both local and across the world, but it has also grown into a habit-forming obsession for many users. In fact, there are even companies out there who have started banning the use of the site at work due to loss of productivity.

Tablets, smartphones and iPads

Taking cellphone technology to the next level, smartphones and other portable screens have further cemented their role in our daily existence. Portable touch screen technology has transformed our phones from simple and effective conveniences to powerful all-in-one gadgets that easily fit in our pocket. They’re now the Swiss Army Knife of personal communication devices, and they’ll only grow more powerful over time. The reliance on this technology is probably higher than most other gadgets. You’ll often hear people say, “I take my phone everywhere. I feel lost without it!”

Television / HD TVs

Watching TV has grown into a favorite pastime worldwide, spurring constant improvement and upgrades to the technology and services alike. Access to cable and satellite television keeps us entertained and informed, and you’d be hard-pressed to find modern households that don’t have at least have one television. Some households have one in almost every room! Beyond the service, HD TVs are getting bigger, sharper and more realistic every year.

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What other must-have technologies or services could you not live without? Share your favorite tech obsessions in the comments section below!

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