The 8 Most Enjoyable IT Jobs

by Tori Johnson on March 1, 2011

most enjoyable jobs

While most enjoyable IT jobs come with sufficient pay to contribute to said jobs’ level of enjoyment, many employees rank happiness on the job above salary.

With that in mind and based on a combination of satisfaction, salary, opportunity for advancement, and job stability, here are our picks for the 8 most enjoyable jobs in IT:

Computer systems analyst

Essentially, a person at such a position uses IT tools to help businesses on all scales achieve their goals.

This may involve designing and developing new computer systems, choosing and configuring hardware/software, or coming up with ways to apply existing system resources to new tasks.

Offsite web developer/designer

Web developers and web designers (and those who can operate as both) can command higher-than-average salaries or freelance rates and do most of their work from their favorite café.

More than amateur web designers, these are custom Web site designers with minimum-post-high-school training in template modification, redesigns, code updates, hosting, Search Engine Optimization, and usability reviews.

Software engineer

These professionals design, implement, and modify software to get the best quality product at the lowest price.

Still highly in demand and with a solid pay scale, job satisfaction is one of the most-often-cited perks of this gig.

Google employee

We generalize here, meaning any job at this specific company is still one of the most-sought-after and fulfilling jobs in the market, partially because of the exclusivity and prestige that comes with the posting. Such a job also comes with the chance to make a difference on one of the most visible parts of the Internet landscape.

And then there are the perks: Free gourmet made-to-order food, free medical care, free gym access, $5,000 towards purchasing hybrid automobiles, “take your pet to work” privileges, and many, many…many more. Though some of these benefits have been scaled-back as of late, developers are still allowed to spend up to 20% of their time on pet projects of their choice.

Computer and information systems manager

Computer and information systems managers plan, coordinate and direct research, and design the computer-related activities of firms.

Some employers require a bachelor’s degree for management positions, although many others prefer and MBA with technology as a core component.

Data Modeller

CIO Magazine insightfully said “If database administrators are jet pilots, then data modellers are aerospace engineers.” Basically, data modellers perform the initial work that lets production applications and systems use data.

By doing this job, you are basically driving business processes and help manage data assets at ground-level.

Computer and information systems researcher

This is an interdisciplinary job concerned with the study of the effects of information systems on the behavior of people, groups, and organizations.

As with management-level jobs in computer and information systems, jobs for Computer and information systems researchers are expected to grow faster-than-average in the next 5-10 years.

Software architect

Ranked #1 by Forbes on its 2010 “100 Best Jobs In America” list, these digital blueprint-creators can command $75-$100,000 a year and higher and more daily variety than simple programmers.

Software architects work with tech staff in creating plans for software engineers to follow. They also work with a company’s senior business staff, serving as a crucial link between the two worlds.

Because of the need for the face-to-face aspect of this job, it’s pretty protected against outsourcing.

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