The “IT” Career: Why CS Jobs Are Booming in These 7 Cities

by Modis on August 2, 2011

Information Technology has been the hot field for the better part of 30 years. Other than health care, no occupation grows like the one that can rein in and harness technology and the Internet. The infrastructure is complicated, ubiquitous and unbelievably lucrative. Not since the days when the railroad was king has one type of infrastructure so dominated the world of commerce.

There’s an old saying that if you make people millionaires, they’ll make you a billionaire. Other than real estate, it’s hard to imagine anything creating more wealth than the Internet. So while being a farmer or a lawyer might not be hot, the IT fields burn with the heat of a thousand suns. Here are seven cities where information technology is hotter than the blazes.

Houston, Texas

Houston is a great city for just about any kind of employment you can think of. While the local highways don’t do so well because of the high number of commuters, that might be the only way in which this roaring metropolis is suffering.

With a large number of companies housed in Houston, it makes sense that the technological landscape has to be top notch to keep up with it all. The most sought after technical fields in IT are network systems and data communications specialists. When a lot of companies depend on the Internet, there are jobs aplenty for people who can keep that Internet functioning.

Washington, DC

Our nation’s capital is one of the world’s greatest Internet hubs for a very important reason: The Pentagon essentially commissioned the creation of the Internet back in the 1950s. What we have today is based on principles developed during the 1970s, when the Internet’s emphasis shifted away from waging war to sharing information.

As the Internet continues to grow and evolve and national security continues to be critically important, IT infrastructure will be constantly taxed to its limits. It takes highly skilled professionals to handle such a challenging environment, which puts those skilled professionals in high demand.

Columbus, Ohio

Columbus is the third largest city in the Midwestern United States. It also hosts an incredibly diverse array of businesses ranging from fashion to defense. As well, the local economy encompasses everything from a fleet of fractionally-owned aircraft to the world’s foremost chemical-knowledge repository and the country’s largest college campus. Ohio State University.

As such, the technological infrastructure needed to power a massive campus, production facilities for defense industry and needs of chemical information are unbelievable. Simply keeping the flow of information moving is a daunting challenge, which means there’s a lot of recruiting going on for the techno warriors who will engage in taming the Internet yet to come.

Detroit, Michigan

Just because the auto industry is suffering doesn’t mean Detroit is dead. As a port city and a major population center, Detroit is working to rebuild as a forward-thinking haven in the information age. Through incentives designed to entice high-tech companies to locate there, Detroit’s need for top tier Internet and other technology professionals has never been greater.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The city of brotherly love boasts the fifth largest population in the country, according to the 2010 Census. In addition to that and its status as the fourth largest economy in the country, Philly also maintains some very real distinctions. For one, there are seven law schools in Philadelphia. For another, health care is the largest source of employment in the city. While this obviously produces ample jobs for doctors and nurses, today’s health care system also has a lot of technical infrastructure.

Between the dozen hospitals in the city, the country’s first school of pharmacy sciences and one of the largest medical research facilities in the country, Philadelphia is also a hub of knowledge. As with any area where knowledge rules the day, the Internet needs to be at its best in a city like Philadelphia. This much knowledge must be shared.

Edison, New Jersey

Leave it to a town like Edison, named for Thomas Edison, to want to be on the cusp of anything and everything technological. From the first light bulbs all the way up to solid wifi, Edison has a serious need- a need for technological speed. This manifests itself in the need for both people to manage the infrastructure, like with every city on this list, and the people responsible for driving innovation.

Software engineers develop everything from the operating systems that run servers, and the computers they serve, on down. From there, technical writers and programmers create the user interfaces, instruction manuals and help files that let the average Joe do things his predecessors couldn’t have dreamed possible. Since Edison likes to be on the razor’s edge, that takes tech talent of the first division.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is some kind of super city. While most of the cities on this list need to be excused because “they’re not New York,” Boston holds its own against the Big Apple in two very important ways. First, it’s ranked 12th in the world on the list of financial centers, with incredible wealth. The Greater Boston Area actually includes the entire state of Rhode Island.

Second, Boston is the preeminent city for innovation, not in New England, nor in the United States, but in the entire world. For this degree of innovation, every kind of IT professional needs to be extremely well represented. This isn’t just a city of major size keeping up its Internet, nor is it just a bunch of hospitals and college students sharing information. This is where information is born- the rest of the world gets new discoveries from Boston like Prometheus got fire from Mount Olympus.

In Conclusion

Every city on this list has a fire-eyed obsession with growth and innovation, which is why they’re such large and beautiful cities. Because of the energy they put forth, technology jobs blossom here like flowers in a well-tended garden. If you’ve been thinking about taking up information technology as your career of choice, these are great cities to consider.

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