The Rise of Automation: How it Cuts Both Time and Cost

by Modis on April 11, 2012

Numerous companies have gotten on the band-wagon to reduce cost and improve production without compromising the quality of their products by using automated services. This is where IT and automation go hand in hand, though a common misconception is that automation involves machines on an assembly line.

Many modern IT professions revolve around the process of cutting costs for businesses via technology and, simultaneously, increasing the response times of the user while accessing any related software or hardware. The optimization of IT-related products and the utilization of various services to better communicate with customers as well as within the company is the key to success in an ever-changing market.

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Field Services

The majority ofvendors and various other IT services are well known for their use of field service management (FSM). From cloud services to geolocation software to advanced scheduling and expedited message management, FSM can cut costs all around.


On average,companiesnoticed increased revenue by as much as 17.5%. User-friendly mobile computer systems; vehicle-mounted printers; GPS systems that can find better, more fuel-efficient routes for those in the field; and wireless networking are used by various vendors to cut costs and time spent in the field.


Health Care

Even companies such as MicrosoftandGE use IT automation to cut costs, prevent errors in treatment, and quickly yet effectively manage patients in the healthcare industry. Through a series of server-based systems and specialized software, hospitals are able to seamlessly communicate among the hospital, the lab, and off-campus radiologists.


A cloudnetworkingsystem allows the retrieval and transmission of data to insurance companies, a patient’s physician, the pharmacies, and the federal or state government as needed. By offering a simplified user interface and by constructing integrated systems through the hospital, IT technicians have effectively reduced time spent and the cost of healthcare processing.