Top 5 Security Apps for IT Professionals

by Modis on July 27, 2016

Businessman holds smart phone with closed lockAs technology and the internet continue their rapid advancement toward the bold future, issues of cyber security remain a significant threat to companies of all sizes. IT professionals at the ground level have their work cut out for them when it comes to keeping their businesses and clients safe, which is why anything they can do to stay on top of the situation will help prevent epic disasters. Major companies, from Target and Staples to Sony and JPMorgan Chase, have been hit by high-profile hacks in recent years, costing them billions of dollars and rattling their customer base. It’s no surprise that the rising number of high profile data breaches and cyber threats are spurring companies to double down on IT security. 

For IT security professionals, keeping up with the mounting threats can be a challenge, but having the right tools can make life easier while helping to improve the safety of your company’s key systems and data. To give you an advantage while on-the-go, here’s a look at some of the top security apps for IT professionals:

Network Analyzer Mobile Security AppNetwork Analyzer (iOS)

When you’re looking to glean helpful details and at-a-glance information about a given network, Network Analyzer lets you quickly and efficiently access to what you need. It’s useful for detecting, analyzing, and troubleshooting issues on local and remote servers, plus the app comes with a range of convenient extras.



Scany Mobile Security AppScany (iOS)

If you need a more robust, feature-rich scanning app with a broader toolset, Scany is worth checking out. Designed by a networking administrator, this app hunts down and uncovers the details of all devices and computers connected to a given network (both LAN and Wi-Fi). It even finds firewalled and hidden devices, and supports handy functions like trace, DNS lookup, ping, port scanning, and much more.

Prompt 2 Mobile Security AppPrompt 2 (iOS)

What do you do when you’re out to lunch and the serve goes down? Instead of erupting in a fit of stress-induced panic, Prompt 2 lets you log in, execute commands, and interact with your systems from anywhere to fix things in a hurry. This powerful SSH client can be a lifesaver when you need immediate, secure access to your network servers.



Avast! Mobile Security AppAVAST! Mobile Security and Anti-Virus (Android)

For Android users, keeping your phone and mobile devices safe from hackers can be equally important to your overall security plan, especially if those gadgets hold sensitive work-related data. AVAST! Mobile Security and Anti-Virus is a free app that delivers powerful anti-virus protection alongside a few other excellent perks you’ll appreciate. It’s at the top of the pack among apps to keep your phone clean, secure and running smoothly.



ConnectBot Mobile Security AppConnectBot (Android)

If you’re running a Unix-based server, this excellent open-source SSH client app makes it easy to log-in remotely without having to hop onto a computer. ConnectBot allows users to issue command-line tasks from a remote network, and gives you the flexibility to monitor and handle administrative tasks while you’re away. This app supports multiple connections, configurations and programmable shortcuts.


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