Top 9 Conferences for Creative and IT Professionals in 2016

by Modis on October 29, 2015

conferenceConferences are a great way to build relationships with smart people in your industry, discover new pieces of technology and learn new skills to boost your career. If you’re hiring, even better! Top talent is tough to find, and if you want to meet dozens of candidates in one short spurt, you need to become an active presence in the communities that you’re aiming to reach. Without further ado, here are nine tech conferences that you absolutely need to check out whether you’re looking to advance your career or your workforce!

Conferences to Connect With Top IT Talent

One of the best ways to find top talent is to attend company-specific meetups. Many companies host events for their specific customer bases and these events—often product-centric or company-focused—provide a powerful channel for identifying on-the-ground, in-the-trenches practitioners.

Protip: Don’t just focus on the event speakers, as these individuals are extremely visible and tied up with meeting requests as a result. Instead, dig deep into the conference’s attendee list to find specific individuals to meet. Here are some great events to check out:

1. PuppetConf

Portland-based PuppetLabs has built IT automation technology that thousands of leading companies rely on to simplify their IT automation efforts. As a loved piece of technology, PuppetConf attracts emerging IT leaders who love what they do. In 2016, PuppetConf will be held from October 17-21 in San Diego, CA. Registration is open—check out the event here.

2. BoxWorks

This annual conference, hosted by popular collaboration platform Box, features keynotes from Box customers—top IT leaders from companies large and small, from all over the world! Year after year, the program’s agenda features hands-on workshops on topics like enterprise security, HIPAA privacy and collaboration. Dates are TBD, but you can follow and learn more about the event here.

3. SecureWorld Bay Area

IT security is an area of growing concern and few organizations are prepared to deal with the aftermath of a catastrophic breach. The costs (and stakes) of vulnerabilities are rising, which means that you need to hire individuals who are committed to learning about security. You can meet some of these individuals at SecureWorld Bay Area, which explores the politics, technology, legalities and sociology of security. Tune into updates, along with plans for 2016, here.

Conferences to Connect With an Exceptional Career

If you’re an IT candidate who’s looking to find a job, you may be surprised to learn that your best opportunities are unlisted. With the tech space growing so quickly, employers know that they need to bring more teammates on board—but are often unsure about the types of skills that they need to round out their workforces. The right solution for a job seeker? If you want to pursue your dream role, you may need to create it for yourself. The following conferences can help job seekers do just that.

1. The Lean Startup Conference

Don’t let the name fool you—this conference attracts more than the Bay Area tech scene. Every year, corporate innovation leaders come to San Francisco,CA from all over the world to attend this industry event. IT is a major theme of the event, with many employers attending to pinpoint emerging talent. Learn more about the conference and keep your eyes peeled for 2016 dates, here.

2. O’Reilly’s Strata and Hadoop World

If you’re looking to transition into data science, you’re probably experiencing some challenges—and you’re not alone. Data science is an extremely new field, and the job title of ‘Data Scientist’ is one that companies and employers are still defining. It’s up to you to carve out your own niche and this conference can help you self-direct your exploration. The conference takes place in Silicon Valley, New York, Singapore and London. Get the details that you need, here.

3. IT Portfolio Management Summit

One of the biggest challenges of job hunting is finding the right fit. In addition to surfacing business problems that you’re interested in solving, you need to ensure that you’re working with the right team. What better way to achieve these goals than to get hands-on experience with teams and managers with whom you might work with? At the IT Portfolio Management summit, you can acquire this perspective and hands-on experience by learning about real industry challenges. Find details here.

Conferences for Women in Tech

If you’re in the tech industry, you’re probably well-aware that there’s a shortage of women in IT roles. This pipeline challenge is bad for businesses: diversity is important at all ranks of an organization. If you’re looking to find more amazing women in IT, be sure to check out the following conferences:

1. The GHC of Women in Computing

The Grace Hopper Celebration has been a tech industry force for 13 years and brings together women technologists to raise awareness of issues that women face in computing, offer professional development and provide mentoring and collaboration opportunities. Learn more about the event, with 2016 dates, here.

2. The Women in Tech Summit

This event is designed for women in IT, who are looking to navigate the speed of change. Speakers include trailblazers in the IT sector, from companies as diverse as AT&T, Omni Hotels and Imprimis Group. This event takes place in April 2016—see more details here.

3. Global Tech Women

The ultimate goal of this conference is to decrease the gender gap in technology. And this conference’s organizers are tackling this need in two ways: introducing women to the right support structures and providing networking opportunities for women in IT to meet and mingle. Learn more about the event, here.

Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet

It’s hard to imagine that 2016 is right around the corner. Make it a resolution to meet new leaders in your industry, acquire new skills and step out of your comfort zone! Connect with Modis to find the right conferences to move your career or your business forward.

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