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by Modis on March 6, 2017

reduce stress with technology

There’s no denying that 2017 is off to a wild and crazy start. With the pressure mounting on multiple fronts for a lot of people, finding creative ways to reduce stress amidst the chaos is going to be important for muscling through the long year ahead.

Stress busting techniques can comes in many different shapes and forms. Modern technology might not be your first go-to for de-stressing, but it can be an incredibly effective tool for releasing anxiety and creating vital moments of calm in a busy schedule. Here are a few useful and unique technologies that can help you find your balance when your stress levels are spiking off the charts.

Binaural Beat Therapy

Sound can have a powerful influence on both or bodies and mental states. Beyond the obvious benefits of listening to good music to lift the spirit and unwind, many people are turning to more scientific-minded uses of sound to reduce stress.

Binaural Beat Therapy uses special frequencies and different tones played in each ear to nudge your mind into a calmer meditative state. With a good pair of stereo headphones and 15-30 minutes of chill listening, this unique audio science can help you melt away stressful thoughts and be more present in the here and now. If you struggle with trying to meditate on your own, this enhanced approach can help you get there without having to work as hard to find calm.

Wearable Mood-altering Devices

If the idea of using sound waves and frequencies to affect your stress levels doesn’t freak you out, then donning high-tech wearable gadgets capable of affecting your mood might be just the thing you need to take your stress reduction efforts to the next level.

The tech world has developed a range of unusual devices to help people relax, but a few standout wearable innovations seem poised to make a world of positive change in the lives of overstressed individuals looking for new solutions.

Take Buzzies, a small neuroscience-focused bit of tech, for example. These watch-like devices can be worn on your wrists or tucked away in a pocket. They work by transmitting signals to your brain to help impact your well-being, reportedly reducing stress and helping ease anxiety with use.

Thync is another similar device that pairs a smartphone app with a strip placed on your neck and head to deliver low-level electronic pulses to your brain. Using different programs via the app, it can be used for an energy boost, to help you calm down, reduce stress, and even boost productivity.

LED Red Light Therapy

Given that sound and energy can have a positive impact on stress reduction, it should come as no surprise that light technology is another accessible high-tech tool for healing. Research shows different colors of like can have different effects on the body, with red and infrared light being used to help with the healing process and reducing overall stress and anxiety.

While it’s not terribly difficult to rig something basic and functional up at home to receive stress-reducing benefits, the fact the military is exploring more high-tech applications of red light therapy to combat post-traumatic stress in soldiers is another strong indicator of the potential benefits here.

How do you reduce stress?

Whether you try out-of-the-box techniques like forest bathing or prefer to go low tech, we hope you’ve invested in stress management techniques to help you stay calm under pressure. Let us know how you keep your stress in check by tweeting us your tips!​

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