Tough Interview Questions: “What Can You Offer Me That Another Person Can’t?”

by Modis on August 27, 2014

Creating an exceptional connection during an interview is a key step in getting hired for a position. Often times in the job hunting process, you’ll find yourself answering some of the same questions in each interview. In this week’s edition of our series on tackling tough interview questions, Modis President Jack Cullen explains how you can sell yourself when asked “What Can You Offer Me That Another Person Can’t?”

When responding to this particular question, keep in mind this is where you summarize all of your skills in a short elevator speech. Here’s some of our favorite examples:

  • “Based on what I’ve learned in this interview, you’re looking for the kind of candidate who can dive right into the job. Also, it sounds like you’re having some continued issues with meeting deadlines from your development team. As an experienced project manager, I am organized and timeline driven. In my previous position, I took over multiple projects that had fallen behind and saved my company thousands of dollars by pinpointing the hold ups and getting the projects back on track. My colleagues have described me as flexible yet focused and positive even in the most stressful of situations. I believe I would be an excellent addition to your organization.”
  • “As a recent college graduate, the positions I held while attending school gives me a skillset and experience that sets me apart from my peers. I interned with a startup that exposed me to all facets of app and web development, while also teaching me the soft skills needed to succeed within a project team. During my senior year, I was hired on part-time with a small firm where I specifically focused on Java development. I was held to deadlines, and I had a reputation within the office for being an optimist. My time in both positions was invaluable, and I feel as though I’m ready to take the next step in my career with your company.”

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