Use The Force: 6 Job Hunting Lessons from Star Wars

by Modis on April 30, 2013

Wookiees. Lightsabers. Jedi Knights. Awesome space battles. You’d be surprised just how much there is to learn from the Star Wars saga. Nuggets of helpful wisdom are littered throughout this massive sci-fi epic, and many can be applied to your quest for gainful employment. Scope out this insightful job hunting advice from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (backed-up by a little real world linkage to additional resources to aid you in your mission).

The Stormtrooper approach doesn’t work – Vader’s iconic white-armored attack troops win points for their sheer enthusiasm, but ever notice how they can’t seem to hit their target no matter how many laser blasts they wildly fire off? If your approach to job hunting is frenetic, unorganized, and scattered, you’re less likely to succeed in your mission.

“Do or do not. There is no try.” – Wise words from master Yoda. Trying to lift a starfighter out of a stinky bog with only your mind is a lot harder than putting your mental power to the task of landing your dream job. You may or may not be ultimately destined to score that sweet gig you’re pining for, but always give 400 percent to the task at hand.

Feel The Force flowing through you – Have confidence in your abilities and trust in yourself. Whether you’re diving into the next job interview or diligently searching for leads, draw from your own inner strength and project that outward to help you tackle the challenges that come your way.

Let the Wookiee win – Flexing your mad skills when attempting to woo a prospective employer is a sound strategy, but be careful about inadvertently overdoing it. Just because most potential bosses and co-workers won’t rip your arms out of their sockets if you show them up doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to flaunt your prowess to the nth degree.

Don’t be tempted by the dark side – Strategizing is a good thing, but being outright sneaky or underhanded in your job search is a big no-no. That said, there are certain gray areas you may wind up in when transitioning between jobs. Be sure you take the right path as you push onward in your quest.

Stay on target – Honing in on the career path you crave can sometimes feel like the DeathStar trench run at the Battle of Yavin. But when you know where you need to go to succeed, keep pushing forward at all costs and stay the course.

Alright, fellow Star Wars fans. Have any other useful tidbits of job hunting Jedi advice you’d care to add? Share your thoughts in the comment section, and may The Force be with you!

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