Which Video Game Character Should Be in Your Friend Group?

by Modis on April 11, 2017

friends are like video game charactersThe world of video games is chock full of quirky heroes and distinct characters that possess unusual abilities. Imagine what life would be like if you could hang with your favorite fictional game heroes? Which popular video game characters would you want in your circle of friends? Here are a few of our top picks!

1) Samus Aran from Metroid: The “Tech Geek Collector”

When it comes to shopping for high-tech gadgets, it always helps to have a friend on-hand who knows their way around the latest newfangled mechanical doodads. Being an avid hunter of strange technological artifacts, Samus is the perfect companion to bring along when you need expert advice. She’s not the chattiest of game heroines, but she’s got the insider geek knowledge to make up for it when it counts. Also, that arm cannon packs a mean punch if you ever get into trouble.

2) Kirby from Kirby’s Adventure: The “Foodie Bud”

Lunch dates with your pals can be a blast, except when you’re dining with friends who have ultra picky palates. That’s not a problem with good old Kirby, who’s no wimp when it comes to chomping down grub. An intimate knowledge of all things edible and a willingness to scarf down anything at least once make Kirby a perfect culinary comrade to add to your friend group.

3) GLaDOS from Portal: The “Passive-Aggressive Problem Solver”

Sure, GLaDOS (Genetic Lifeform and Disc Operating System) might be a tad murderous in her approach at times, but this sarcastic A.I.’s deadpan wit yet oddly endearing. She’s a real “take-charge” problem solver, especially when that problem requires persuading others to tackle tasks they may not be up to…or incinerating things. GLaDOS is a master of faux politeness, and she’s willing to go the extra mile (and then some) to get things done without hesitation.

4) Parappa from Parappa The Rapper: “The Goofy Showman”

Rhythmically stringing clever words together about real-world stuff on a moment’s notice takes particular skill. As a spunky, pint-sized rapping dog with a heart of gold, Parappa is well-armed to liven up any gloomy get together with his funky flow and can-do attitude. When your party is falling flat, he’s the friend you want to have around to kick things up a notch. Just throw him in a weird situation and watch him spit crazy rhymes.

5) Link from The Legend of Zelda: The “Quiet But Resourceful Friend”

Link is as unassuming as they come, but this lad isn’t the shy pushover he might initially seem. Resourceful and adventurous, Link has a slew of skills and stickwithitness that’d make him an invaluable addition your circle of friends. His reserved demeanor hides a drive to excel and bring good to the world.

Who did we miss? Share your favorite gaming character below, and let us know what would make them a great pal to have around?

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