Why is Houston, Texas an IT Hotbed?

by Modis on October 25, 2011

Vice President of Modis Laura Kelley answers questions about the growing number of IT job openings in Houston, Texas. Houston has many diverse industries, including health care and energy, making it one of “the” hot markets for a career in IT.   More and more companies are looking to bring in top IT talent or people looking to break into the IT industry. The job opportunities and the low cost make Houston a very desirable market for relocation.

There are many reasons why Houston, Texas, is a hotbed for IT work. There’s a diverse presence of industry, including technology, health care, financial services, and oil and gas. Despite the questionable economic climate, Houston’s unemployment is 8.4% while the rest of the country is generally at 9% or above.

Aside from the variety of industries present in Houston, the cost of living offers a huge benefit when compared to other parts of the country. Home prices are much lower, there’s a good economy, and there’s a very dynamic infrastructure.

“It’s a great place to be,” Kelley said. “There’s a lot to be said about what’s going on in Houston.”

The IT industry has made some changes within the last year. Companies are seeing the value in individuals who are coming out of school or who have business experience but haven’t been in technology. There’s more comfort bringing people into IT, but there’s also a lot of movement within IT.

Companies are taking a lot of projects off the shelf, which means they need a lot of positions that may not have been around a few years ago, like project managers and analysts. This opens up spots for IT people or project managers in other industries who can come in and experience a new area of work.

As Modis looks at candidates, they realize that people are seeking company stability, career opportunity, and growth. Candidates are more open to taking a step back financially to get a more stable job.

Some companies are relocating their entire operation to Houston, while others are relocating specific functions of their business, such as the consolidation of data centers, to take advantage of the lower cost of doing business.   There is a great talent pool in the city, and there’s a pretty steady increase in industry growth. Companies are paying attention to what they need to do to remain competitive, which means new projects, new technologies, and new resources.

Houston might be the best city to find an IT job, but there are still 6 other cities with a booming IT job industry.

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JP November 4, 2011 at 6:27 pm

Yes, I moved to Houston from Austin and there was a lot more IT/Tech than I expected. The variety of things to do as far as culture, festivals, museums, and eating out is heads and shoulders above what Austin had. I have been very pleased and it is just a much more exciting, mature city that is not full of itself like Austin always was. The insular, superior attitude people had there was just really annoying, just mention you are moving away from Austin and to a city like Houston and see what kinds of crazy looks you will get!

verberator November 4, 2011 at 10:20 pm

Not to be disrespectful, but she didn’t seem very prepared for that interview. “We have… oil and gas and uh…” Really? That’s just feeding on all of the typical Houston/Texas stereotypes. How about the largest employer of Houston is actually the Texas Medical District? “What attracts people to Houston? Well, uh…” Again, it’s not that hard. There’s a lot more than just low cost of living, which by the way, isn’t as low as you think. Maybe being the top handful of cities in the country in size, culture and arts. Maybe being the most underrated large city in the country. Maybe being an awesome combination of Los Angeles plus Savannah with a little New Orleans and Austin thrown in there, except even more international/diverse. Not too hard to figure out…

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