Working in IT: Outside Of Silicon Valley & Silicon Alley

by Modis on June 18, 2013

A man working in IT out in the field -- a rural field.Traditionally speaking, Silicon Valley is considered ground zero for the booming tech industry, and it’s often the place that comes immediately to mind when folks are venturing out to pursue the nation’s top IT positions.

Indeed, there are tons of IT jobs in that neck of the woods, though the tech world is also taking off on the other side of the nation in New York City (also known as “Silicon Alley”).

But what about all of that space in between? The good news is the rest of the country is far from a desolate wasteland devoid of IT gigs, and many regions are blossoming into up-and-coming hotspots bustling with activity.

Hot Cities For IT Jobs

Tech hubs are popping up all over the United States in both busy metro areas and even in more rural locales

Cities such as Austin, Raleigh, Columbus, Houston and Salt Lake City are all among the list of developing high-tech hot zones for IT job employment. In these areas, IT workers can expect to average $82,000+ a year across a wide range of disciplines — in some cases, earning more than double the average salaries for non-tech jobs in the same areas.

That jumps to an average of $95,000 and up in cities like Boston and Washington, which are not far behind NYC and the San Francisco Bay area.

Rural Sourcing & It Jobs

Major cities aren’t the only areas of plentiful opportunity for budding techies. Thanks to the growing trend of “rural sourcing,” living way out in the middle of nowhere isn’t necessarily a career killer. Rather than outsource their IT jobs overseas, more and more companies are increasingly turning to rural locations, where they create virtual teams that work remotely at centers in areas of the country where wages are lower.

This saves companies money while keeping jobs in the U.S., but more importantly, it creates good-paying work opportunities for upstart IT talent in places where tech positions are few and far between. Nebraska is one such hotspot, for example, and other rural areas are rapidly becoming attractive locations for companies to expand remotely.

With many more options out there than meets the eye, career flexibility isn’t entirely dependent on living within proximity of the few epicenters of tech activity anymore.

There certainly are prime areas to locate if you’re gunning for the top IT gigs, but growth and innovation in the tech industry is opening up new doors to the tech world – possibly even in your very own back yard. What’s happening in your neck of the woods?

Editor’s Note: It Jobs Across The Nation

If you live between the shores and are looking for work, the prospects are bright! Jobs have been cropping up all over the nation in recent times. For example:

  • Georgia: Atlanta is reporting strong growth in IT jobs.
  • Mississippi: General Dynamic Information Technology IS adding 1,000 jobs in Hattiesburg.
  • Missouri: Boeing is adding 400 jobs to its St. Louis IT Center.
  • North Carolina: IT jobs are up statewide for the fourth consecutive month.
  • Virginia: is bringing 500 IT Jobs to Fairfax County.

As this trend continues, it’s going to be much easier to land work in IT no matter where you live. When you’re ready to make that next step, we invite you to browse our jobs, or submit your resume to have one of our recruiters will get in touch with you right away.

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