You Might Be a Techie If…

by Modis on October 3, 2016

techies with technologyWe know, we know – you own a smartphone, you have a tablet, you’re on a computer every day. But does that make you a techie? We think not!

So, how do you know if you’re a techie? Here are just a few clues…

You might be a techie if….

  • Your friends and family refer to you as either the tech, gadget or computer whisperer
  • You’re always looking for ways to automate and streamline everything in your life… and everyone else’s
  • Your first troubleshooting step for EVERYTHING is “turn it off and back on”
  • You refuse to take part in any activities unless there’s wifi access
  • You have a Star Wars or Star Trek obsession (bonus points for collections or outfits)
  • Your favorite television series is from the Big Bang Theory or a SciFi genre
  • Everything you purchase centers around connectivity
  • Your only idea of survival gear is a solar charger and smartphone
  • You’d spend an hour looking for an app for something that takes less than 10 minutes to do
  • You’d rather be on your tablet than interacting with people
  • Your goal is to make everything in your home “smart”
  • You just bought the latest gadget… and you’re already looking for it’s next replacement
  • You don’t understand people because they don’t communicate in zeros and ones
  • You think “favorite programming” refers to coding
  • You don’t remember what the inside of a store or bank actually looks like
  • Data security registers higher than personal security
  • Your friends and family don’t understand your “geek” speak
  • You’re on speed dial with family and friends for troubleshooting their tech issues
  • The thought of losing connectivity is more upsetting than overpaying taxes
  • Your idea of a vacation is a technology convention
  • The only pet you’ll consider is one that is artificially intelligent

Techies are a valuable group of individuals around the globe that possess the ability to think, create, develop, and improve the way we live and work. In celebration of National Techies Day, reach out to every techie you know and show them you appreciate the things they do to make our lives and work easier and better because of the way they think and work. Techies truly are different… and that’s a great thing!

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