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by Modis on April 16, 2013

Regardless of what sector of the IT industry you work in, having a professional-looking work blog or website can be a great way to show off your resume and skill set. A well-designed site can also make it easier for you to connect with potential employers and network with industry colleagues. Every killer work blog needs a few key ingredients to maximize its effectiveness…

Regularly updated, compelling content – Building web traffic for your site brings many eyeballs to your resume, but you won’t get much traction with a creaky old site. To attract readers and the attention of industry peers, you have to keep your blog regularly updated with fresh, interesting content that keeps people coming back. Writing humorous opinion pieces, helpful how-to articles, and advice columns that tie into your job and skill sets are all great ways to accomplish this goal.

A detailed bio and resume page – If readers find your blog posts informative or entertaining, they’ll inevitably be curious about the person who authored them. Make sure you include a page on your site that contains your professional work resume, skills, and a personal bio. Include a tasteful, nice-looking picture of yourself too, and don’t forget to smile.

A “hire me” or contact page – You never know when someone with connections or work opportunities will want to get in touch. Make it easier for them to do so by including an easy-to-find contact page with your e-mail. If you’re actively looking for work, freelance or otherwise, also include a hire me page with contact details and information about what kind of services or skills you offer.

These core essentials make as the foundation for your work blog, and you can layer on other content and features to support your site’s growth. Integrating social networking features like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook into your site can help boost traffic, though make sure you’re keeping posts professional so you don’t turn off prospective contacts. A slick visual design with some sharp images can help too, though your blog doesn’t have to be flashy.

With that in mind, take a look at some of these well-crafted blogs by IT professionals across the industry for some inspiration.

Rick’s Cloud – Cloud computing expert Rick Blaisdell downplays his vast experience in favor of delivering an abundance of poignant and info-packed articles. He runs a tight ship with regular updates and great content.

Blue Cloud Solutions – Edgy, funny, and intelligent, mobile application consultant Carter Thomas mixes a personal writing style with an impressive range of advice geared towards helping readers grasp the ins and outs of the app dev world.

TechHead – Virtualization specialist Simon Seagrave runs a tight ship over at his blog space, which sports a slick, simple design and is loaded with recommendations on relevant Podcasts, books, and other info for tech-hungry readers.

Jeff On Games – While video game programmer Jeff Ward has worked on big projects like Fallout 3 and Elder Scroll IV: Oblivion, he now slings code at indie studio Firehose Games. His blog is packed with interesting, in-depth articles and does a good job of showcasing his resume experience.

Cats Who Code – Web developer and pro blogger Jean-Baptiste Jung’s site immediately grabs your attention with a catchy title and an adorable header image, but he backs up the stylish presentation with excellent articles and snippets of usable code for budding web developers to grab.

Armed with the fundamentals and plenty of examples to give you ideas to work with, why not get started on crafting your own awesome work blog right now?

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