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by Modis on July 18, 2017

Gamer watching YouTubeBefore the advent of streaming video and the rise of mega popular sites like YouTube and Twitch, gaming enthusiasts were far more limited in where they could learn more about interesting games and the growing culture surrounding them. The heyday of cheeseball TV commercials and glossy print gaming mags has long passed, giving rise to new formats for a whole new generation of gamers.

Fortunately, live streamers and young dudes screaming their head off on camera aren’t the only options out there for gaming-centric video content. If you look deeper, you’ll find a wide range of unique and well-produced YouTube videos that are worth looking into. Here’s a selection of great YouTube channels you should absolutely check out if you’re into gaming.

1) DidYouKnowGaming?

Think you know all there is to know about your favorite game? Think again. DidYouKnowGaming is a channel dedicated to delivering a steady drip of obscure and interesting trivia tidbits on all manner of fan-favorite games. Far more than simply scraping the surface, this well-researched channel unearths rare factoid gems that you won’t readily find just anywhere without some serious digging. It’s a great stop for retro gaming fans and hardcore trivia geeks alive.

2) Smooth McGroove

The idea of being serenaded by a very bearded fellow might seem a bit… unusual, but Smooth McGroove’s insanely talented takes on classic game tunes are absolutely a must-see. This epic vocal powerhouse records full-on acapella covers of notable game tunes. How does he do it? By layering video tracks of him singing each music line individually. It’s impressive to see, and the fact that it’s accompanied by video of in-game action is also a nice touch.

3) Extra Credits

Extra Credits videos are fairly fast-paced and feature simple comic panels that move along at a steady clip. Apart from that, however, they’re a very different animal. This channel covers a grab bag of intriguing gaming-related topics, ranging from how games are designed and how to get a job writing about games to commentary on industry trends and specific franchises. It’s not all just gaming, either. Extra Credits has also expanded to include narrated history lessons done in its trademark style.

4) Game Maker’s Toolkit

Anyone who likes to geek out with friends over discussion of game mechanics and what makes different franchises and genres so enjoyable will find a lot to love in Mark Brown’s Game Maker Toolkit videos. This series explores core elements of game design through the lense of iconic games. Each video is loaded with examples that help deliver a strong understanding of each topic at a great level of depth and detail, all while staying interesting and fun to watch.

5) Noclip

As captivating as games can be, the creative people behind them and the unique stories they have to share are often just as fascinating. Created by former game journalist Danny O’Dwyer, this channel’s crowdfunded video game documentaries are the real deal. Pro-level production quality, unparalleled access and frank discussions with game developers makes this channel a real treat.

Any must-see YouTube gaming channels we missed? Let us know and share your favorites video hotspots in the comments section below!

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