6 Things Effective Leaders Do

October 17, 2016

Leadership is one of the most discussed subjects in the corporate world. That’s partially because it is so important to the success of a company, but it’s also because there are so many different approaches and opinions on how best to lead. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some phenomenal leaders in my career, […]

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September Jobs Report: Professional and Business Services Add Most Jobs

October 10, 2016

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ jobs report, 156,000 jobs were created in September 2016 and the unemployment rate showed little change at 5.0 percent.

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August Regional Jobs Report: 44 States Added Jobs Year-Over-Year

September 20, 2016

The August Regional Jobs Report revealed that unemployment rates were higher in 6 states, lower in 3 states, and stable in 41 states and the District of Columbia compared with July 2016. The regional unemployment rate was significantly different from the U.S. rate in two regions.

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August Jobs Report: Unemployment Rate Remains Steady

September 2, 2016

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 151,000 jobs were created in August 2016, with the unemployment rate remaining at 4.9 percent for the third consecutive month.

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July Regional Jobs Report: Year-Over-Year Growth Continues

August 19, 2016

While year-over-year regional unemployment continues to trend in a positive direction, there is little month-over-month change. Two regions had an unemployment rate significantly different from the national average. On a state level, the majority of states did not see significant month-over-month unemployment rate changes.

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July Jobs Report: Job Growth Resolves Economic Uncertainty

August 5, 2016

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ unemployment report, 255,000 jobs were created in July 2016. Professional and technical services created 37,000 jobs among these. The unemployment rate in the United States remained steady at 4.9 percent.

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