April’s Regional Jobs Report Shows Growth in Almost Every State

by Modis on May 27, 2015

Regional Jobs Report January 2015

The Regional Jobs Report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics has been released, and with it comes positive news. Nearly all of our states have experienced a drop in unemployment since last year at this time. In fact, 45 states and the District of Columbia had a decrease in percentage points and only five states saw an increase in their unemployment rate.

Month-over-month numbers were little changed, though 23 states did see a slight drop in unemployment rate. Nevertheless, economists remain optimistic when it comes to long-term job growth, specifically in the IT industry.

Insight for IT Professionals

In April, the Professional and Business Services sector added 62,000 jobs, keeping the unemployment rate for the IT sector at 3.0 percent. Within the IT industry, computer systems design/related services added 9,000 jobs, business support services added 7,000 jobs and management/technical consulting services adding 6,000 jobs. The following states have added the most jobs in the IT industry, since March:

  • California +14,500 jobs added in March
  • Illinois +8,200 jobs added in March
  • Maryland +7,800 jobs added in March
  • New York +7,400 jobs added in March
  • Florida +6,400 jobs added in March

The Professional and Technical Services sector added a positive outlook for the employment rate. In this sector, there are 8.6 million currently employed with 20,7000 jobs added over the last month. The unemployment rate for the IT industry continues to improve and stay well below the overall national average of 5.4%.

Regional Employment Statistics Continue to Grow

The Midwest still holds the lowest regional unemployment rate, coming in at 5.0 percent. While each region had little to no change month-over-month in unemployment rates, year-over-year rate changes were significant. Below we provide statistics on each region and their year-over-year comparison:

  • West -0.1% from March to April, -1.2% year-over-year
  • Midwest  0% from March to April, -1.1% year-over-year
  • South -0.1% from February to March, -0.8% year-over-year
  • Northeast 0% from February to March, -0.8% year-over-year

The Region-by-Region Fast Facts

In-Depth: State Stats

We took an inside look at state statistics and found that California added an exciting 29,5000 jobs last month, with 39 additional states increasing their workforces as well. The following shows the top states for job increases, month-over-month:

  • California +29,500 jobs
  • Pennsylvania +27,000 jobs
  • Florida +24,500 jobs

Significant year-over-year job increases occurred in 37 states. The three states that ranked the highest for the number of jobs added since last year are:

  • California +457,500 jobs
  • Texas +287,000 jobs
  • Florida +277,700 jobs

Look out for more IT insight

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