June Jobs Report: New Jobs Added to Tech Industry

by Katie Brock on July 7, 2017

National Jobs ReportThe unemployment rate shifted in June, changing by 0.1 percent to 4.4 percent. A total of 222,000 jobs were created during the month, an increase from the number of jobs created in May. The tech unemployment rate remains lower than the national unemployment rate, depicting a positive outlook for the future of IT.

Additional Jobs Created in June


The national unemployment rate has decreased 0.3 percent over the past year. Month after month new jobs continue to be added to the market. With 222,000 jobs added in June, the average number of jobs created increase to 193,667 per month over the past three months.

Wages Increase Month Over Month

Over the past year, average hourly earnings have risen 63 cents (2.5 percent). In June, the average hourly earnings for all employees on private nonfarm increased another 4 cents raising the earnings to $26.25 an hour.

Tech Industry Continues to Grow

The professional and business services sector added 35,000 jobs in June, with 18,800 of those jobs attributed to professional and technical services.

The specific areas seeing the most growth in the professional and technical services sector include:

  • Architectural and engineering services (+5,400 jobs in June 2017)
  • Computer systems design and related services (+4,900 in June 2017)
  • Scientific research and development services (+2,800 jobs in June 2017)

The unemployment rate for professional and technical services shifted slightly in June to 2.8 percent.

June Jobs Report Fast Facts

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