May Regional and State Jobs Report

by Modis on June 20, 2014

March 2014 National Jobs Report ModisWhile there were no major changes in May, a positive steadiness was displayed in the Regional and State Employment summary released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics this morning. In this installment of the jobs report, twenty states showed an employment rate decrease, sixteen had increases and 14 and the District of Columbia had no change from April. Additionally, over the past year forty-nine states and the District of Columbia had employment rate decreases. The current jobless rate of 6.3% is 1.2 percentage points lower than May 2013’s.

May’s Regional and State Stats

Taking a closer look at the states, 36 and DC had increases in employment while 14 states had decreases. Texas added 56,400 new jobs followed by Pennsylvania with 24,700 and New York with 23,400. North Dakota’s 2.6% jobless rate was the lowest while Rhode Island’s 8.2% was the highest. Five states had statistically significant unemployment rate declines in May

  • Illinois -0.4%
  • Massachusetts -0.4%
  • California -0.2%
  • Montana -0.2%
  • Utah -0.2%

Regionally, the Midwest and the South had the lowest unemployment rates at 6.0%. Even though it continued to have the highest unemployment rate, the West was the only region to have a statistically significant unemployment rate change from April by going down 0.1 percentage point. For the year, all four regions have had significant decreases:

  • Northeast -1.4%
  • Midwest -1.2%
  • South -1.2%
  • West -1.2%

IT Specific Trends

It’s important to remember that the IT sector consistently has a substantially lower unemployment rate than National, Regional, and State rates. Modis Vice President Chad Moyer explains the emerging trends in the IT job marketplace in our latest whiteboard video. Watch it here.

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