Positive Growth in State and Regional Jobs Report

by Modis on December 16, 2014

Jobs Report

We are seeing positive growth in this month’s regional report released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The big news is 41 states had unemployment rate decreases compared to 34 states in October. Three states had unemployment rate increases and six states saw no change this month.

Another key highlight from the report is 20 states are now reporting unemployment rates significantly lower than the national figure, which currently sits at 5.8% and industry experts are saying this growth trend will continue into 2015.

All Regions See Year-Over-Year Unemployment Rate Decreases

The Midwest once again, held the lowest unemployment rate of the regions with 5.4%, compared to last month’s figure of 5.6%. Three regions saw significant month-over-month drops in unemployment and they were as follows:

  • Midwest:-0.2%
  • South:-0.2%
  • Northeast:-0.1%

There was good news for all four regions in year-over-year growth as each saw a significant unemployment rate decrease. The Midwest leads the way with a drop of 1.5 percentage points.

34 States Report Significant Job Growth Compared to 2013

This month, 41 states saw job growth, and 20 reported significant changes. 34 states are showing significant job additions compared to November 2013. Three states stood out above the rest in both month-over-month and year-over-year growth. Take a look at the numbers:

  • California: +90.100 jobs, compared to +41,500 jobs in October; +344,100 over-the-year
  • Texas:+34,800 jobs, compared to +35,200 jobs in October; +441,200 over-the-year
  • Florida:+41,900 jobs, compared to +34,400 jobs in October; +229,900 over-the-year

The latest BLS report also shows 22 states with significant over-the-month unemployment rate changes. Of those, North Carolina had the largest decrease with a 0.5 percentage point drop, followed by Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, and Michigan all with a 0.4 percentage point drop. 28 states show a significant over-the-year change in unemployment rate with Illinois seeing a 2.6 percent decrease.

2015 Employment Predictions

2014 was a strong year for tech employment. In fact, the industry lead employment growth across the country for most of the year and industry experts are saying 2015 will see much of the same. According to InformationWeek’s Outlook 2015 survey, 30 percent of employees are already looking to add IT staff to their team and another 74 percent say they expect more demand for top IT talent. While demand is rising so are tech salaries. In a recent article for EducationDIVE, Modis reported that according to our 2015 Salary Guide, IT salaries will increase close to 5 percent but high-demand jobs requiring analytical or enterprise architect skills will increase anywhere from 10 to 12 percent. As you can see, the evolution of the tech industry will continue into 2015 bringing with it a vast need for skilled workers.

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