Over-the-Year Progress in July’s Regional and State Jobs Report

by Modis on August 18, 2014

2014 July Employment SituationAs reported in our monthly National Jobs Report, there was little change in the employment situation across the United States in July. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics Regional and State summary showed 30 states with unemployment rate increases from June, 8 states with decreases, and 12
states and the District of Columbia with no change. Over the year, 49 states reported an unemployment rate decrease and only one reported an increase.

Spotlight on July’s State Statistics

For the month of July, payroll increased in 36 states and D.C., while decreasing in 13 states and remaining unchanged in Iowa. The largest over-the-month
employment increases are as follows:

  • Texas +46,600 jobs
  • California +27,700 jobs
  • Michigan +17,900 jobs

Montana boasted the largest percentage increase in employment for the month with 0.7%, and Arizona, Kentucky, Missouri, New Mexico, and Utah all had an increase of 0.5%.

Regional Employment Review

Again in July, the Midwest had the lowest regional unemployment rate at 5.9% and the West had the highest regional unemployment rate at 6.6%. The South was the only region to have a significant change from June with an employment rate decrease of 0.1%. Again this month, all four regions posted over-the-year employment rate decreases:

  • Northeast -1.5%
  • West -1.5%
  • Midwest -1.4%
  • South -1.0%

The Shifting Tech Workspace

At Modis, it’s our duty to stay ahead of the trends in IT employment. One of the strongest trends we’ve noticed is the increasing influence of Startups in tech and across the globe. Our infographic “Why Startups Are Going to Change the World” details their dynamic impact. View it here.

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