Significant Year-Over-Year Growth Highlighted in January Regional Jobs Report

by Modis on March 17, 2015

Regional Jobs Report January 2015The latest regional report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows about half of our states with lower unemployment rates compared to December’s numbers. In January, we saw 24 states with an unemployment rate decrease, 8 states and the District of Columbia with no change.

While month-over-month regional and state unemployment rates were little changed, 45 states and the District of Columbia saw unemployment rate decreases from the year prior. 42 of those states reported significant decreases. The BLS highlighted Illinois and Rhode Island as the top states for the highest decline in unemployment rates from January of 2014.

State-Wide IT Hiring Glance

In January, the Professional and Business Services sector, which includes Professional and Technical Services, added 39,000 new jobs making it one of the top performing industries with more than 19,400,000 people employed. The following states employ the most people in this sector and saw growth in the industry compared to the month prior:

  • California 2,497,200 employed, +3,800 jobs added in January
  • Texas 1,580,900 employed, +4,800 jobs added in January
  • New York 1,241,400 employed, +900 jobs added in January
  • Florida 1,200,300 employed, +7,100 jobs added in January

Spotlight on State Statistics in January

January’s national unemployment rate came in at 5.7%, a slight increase from months prior, but 21 states had drastically lower jobless rates than the U.S. figure. North Dakota had the lowest at 2.8%. Over-the-year, 42 states reported a significant reduction in unemployment rates.

Coming off of the best year for job creation since 1999, January’s report shows forty-one states added a substantial number of jobs. The largest of those being:

  • California +67,300 jobs
  • Ohio +25,100 jobs
  • Michigan +24,200 jobs

Year-over-year job increases were significant in 38 states and the District of Columbia. Three states that saw the most jobs added since January of 2014 were:

  • California +498,000 jobs
  • Texas +392,900 jobs
  • Florida +274,100 jobs

All Regions See Over-The-Year Unemployment Rate Declines

For the ninth month in a row, the Midwest held the lowest unemployment rate with 5.2%, which was no change from the month prior. But the bigger news here is the considerable decline in over-the-year unemployment rates for every region:

  • Midwest -1.4%
  • Northeast -1.1%
  • West -1.0%
  • South -0.9%

The Region-by-Region Fast Facts

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