10 Places Where You Can Spend Bitcoins

by Modis on May 29, 2018

Retailers survive on swift and painless payments with minimal transaction fees, which is why the recent consumer interest in bitcoins is enticing to many companies. Once reserved for the dark corners of the e-commerce world, you can now spend bitcoins at many popular retailers including the ones listed below.


True to its name, Overstock.com sells home goods, clothing, jewelry and a whole lot of other items for everyday life at discounted prices. You can now use bitcoins to purchase these goods from Overstock.


Expedia aggregates the best travel deals through its various metasearch engines to bring you comparative flight, hotel and package travel deals to most destinations. If you have bitcoins, you can use them to book travel through Expedia.

Dish Network

If you’re looking for a way to pay for satellite television services with your bitcoins, Dish Network is your best option. This company services most of the United States and is the fourth largest satellite provider in the country.


You can now add money to your Microsoft account using Bitcoins. Microsoft recently added this payment option to meet the demand of consumers wishing to pay for services with cryptocurrency.


This company lets you purchase and send gift cards to a myriad of retailers directly from their app or site using bitcoins. You can also buy a Gyft card and shop a number of different stores using this card.


Newegg sells both hardware for corporations and consumer electronics through its website (often at a discounted rate). Some of the better buys through Newegg include popular electronics and laptops. Use your Bitcoins to purchase gifts or buy some new electronic goodies for yourself.

Golden Gates Hotel and Casino

A number of online gambling websites now take bitcoin payments, but Golden Gates Hotel and Casino is one of the first brick and mortar casinos to take cryptocurrency. There’s a catch: you can use your coins to purchase items in the restaurant or gift shop, but not on the gambling floor. Word on the street is that the casino is looking for ways to accept B\bitcoins throughout the casino, but this hasn’t happened yet.

REEDS Jewelers

With more than 50 locations across the United States, Reeds Jewelers is a good place to shop for jewelry with bitcoins. You can use coins in store or online through a bitcoin wallet service.

Virgin Galactic

Planning to visit space anytime soon? If you are, you can use bitcoins to book your trip through Virgin Galactic. The company now takes bitcoin payments to secure a spot on the next available space voyage.

Subway Restaurants

Select Subway restaurants around the world now take bitcoin. While this currency isn’t taken at every Subway location, there are other select fast food restaurants that are joining the bitcoin craze alongside the popular sandwich shop – various McDonald’s, Burger King and Quiznos restaurants also take bitcoins.

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