12 Best IT Companies To Work For in America Rankings (2010)

by Sam Perry on March 11, 2010

12 Best IT Companies To Work For in America Rankings (2010)

Working for a large IT company can be stressful, rewarding, unpredictable, and full of opportunity. Looking for the best bets to work at? Check out our rankings below of America’s best IT companies to work for. Rankings are based on corporate culture, results from a number of national rankings, and – most-importantly – employee feedback:

#12 – Intuit


Most people recognize this California-based software company when tax season rolls around and they’re looking to file themselves. Employees love the attractive “campus”, free food, free gym, and staff diversity.

#11 – Intel


Approximately 72% of employees who were anonymously asked approved of CEO Paul Otellini. They also cited lots of exciting training opportunities, as well as plenty of opportunity for career-change within the company.

#10 – Rackspace


Not the first company you think of when you think of massive, iconic IT firms, but the San Antonio-based managed network service company retains more than 2,500 staff, which they hire based on talent, not just skill. “Overall, the best place I have ever worked,” said one anonymous reviewer on glassdoor.com. “A great place to hire future employees from,” another noted.

#9 – Adobe


Employees of the San Jose-based Adobe are happy with their pay and benefits, which include “generous” profit-sharing, as well as heavy deals on local retail outlets.

#8 – Novell


The Waltham, MA-based networking & connectivity giant has been praised for fostering forward-thinking ideas. Many times, the good ones are seen and fed-back-on by the board of directors. Employees praise the benefits package and fast-moving culture.

#7 – Qualcomm


Working in a beautiful new building with views of landscaped gardens and reflecting pools is a nice-to-have on any IT employee’s list of plusses. At Qualcomm’s San Diego operation, add stock options, 100% health insurance coverage, and a free primary-care clinic (which recently quadrupled in size.)

#6 – Apple


Ranked as one of Fortune magazine’s most-admired companies for 2009, Apple Inc. continues to rank high on a number of national surveys for innovation, employee talent, quality of product and best use of corporate assets.

#5 – FactSet


Good benefits, flexible hours, a diverse range of projects to keep employees interested, and long-term-goal-oriented management contributed to high marks in employee surveys. The Connecticut-based information delivery firm is also renowned for its positive social atmosphere.

#4 – NetApp


Not only do the execs at NetApp dispense with the dead-weight of excessive paperwork (the #1 company on Fortune Magazine’s Top 100 Companies To Work For list recently scrapped a twelve-page travel policy for the phrase “Use your common sense.”) but it also encourages employees to have fun at the office and give back to the community: As of 2009, NetApp allows employees to take five days off per year (paid) to do volunteer work.

#3 – Google


Among some of Google’s enviable perks – employees are allowed to spend about 20% of their time on personal pet-projects. The Googleplex building contains an entrance with a piano and live screen showing current Google searches, a huge gym, eleven cafeterias, a sand volleyball court, a dinosaur and a full-scale model of Spaceship One.

#2 – Juniper Networks


The California-based firm encourages its employees to be mobile. As many as 75% of its workers telecommute at least semi-regularly. The company also supplies employees who work at home with a laptop, BlackBerry, printer/fax/scanner, and ergonomic furniture. Juniper global mobility unit manager Steve Jacquess, even works from his home…in Hawaii.

#1 – Slalom consulting


The Seattle-based IT firm got top points in an anonymous employee survey conducted by glassdoor.com. Workers praised CEO Tony Rojas (81% approve of the job he’s doing…again, anonymously) as well as a flat organization chart, which lets employees take on as much responsibility as they want.


What are your thoughts? Do you work for an IT company that is truly amazing. What about that company makes it so fantastic? Do you disagree with any of the rankings above? Leave us your thoughts.

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