14 After-Hours IT Speakeasies

by Tori Johnson on February 28, 2011


Okay before you get too excited, we mean after work hours (which can be around closing time for most bars anyway, we realize.)

Nevertheless, if you’re in, near, or on a business trip to one of the following towns, be sure to unwind from a day of work at one of the following gloriously-nerdy bars:


Miracle of Science, Cambridge, MA
Local computer and biotech staff as well as profs from Harvard and MIT chill around fireslate (a space-age cement-and-silica countertop material) tables flanked microscopes and other lab gear. Touted on its own site as a leader in “geek chic“, the bar and restaurant even has a wall-mounted menu modeled after the periodic table of elements.


Barcade, Brooklyn, NY
With a web site sporting a stylized cheap drink night poster designed to look like the Diablo devil, this 1980s-themed hangout has a large selection of brews on tap and a wall full of 25 mint-condition 1980s arcade games just waiting for you to pump full of quarters.


Minibar, Washington, D.C.
Weird, solidified drinks and crazy sci-fi materials science make this snazzy diner a great place to sample the seemingly-geeky science of deliciousness…more chicly-known as molecular gastronomy.


Eyecandy, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas
Gorgeously nerdy (with more gorgeousness than nerdiness) the name says what it is: colourful interactive touch tables and innovative sound stations accent a Michael Jackson-themed dance floor.


Amigo’s, Pasadena, CA
Quantum Margarita Night is every other Wednesday. The title is code for the night when local NASA and Caltech physicists gather to drink strawberry margaritas and shoot the breeze.


DNA Lounge, San Francisco, CA
Sporting a “no Microsoft zone,” this dance club featuring Linux-based Internet kiosks offers its source code to customers free of charge.


The Edison, L.A.
Truly the standout in this group for sheer stylish imagination. Possibly the most retro-IT of this group, with its art-deco-style power planet motif.


Library Bar, L.A.
There’s something right about getting sloshed between stacks of books. Not to be mistaken for a casual hangout, all kidding aside, this is an establishment for serious poindexter-esque indulgence.


Celtic Bayou, Redmond, WA
What else would an Irish pub specialize in? In this case, Cajun food of course…The otherwise standard-issue watering hole features lunch discounts for nearby Microsoft employees.


Sci-Fi Cafe, New Haven, CT
IT staff and science geeks from Yale meet here to knock back Saturn Hemisphere martinis or Hale-Bopps (a non-alcoholic mix of cranberry, orange and lime juice) named for the 1996 comet of the same name.


Koa House Grill, Kamuela, Hawaii
According to one review: “The Koa House is so close to the W.M. Keck Observatory that local astronomers refer to its lounge as the Koa Boardroom.” For more reviews, visit here: http://travel.yahoo.com/p-travelguide-3684934-koa_house_grill_island_of_hawaii-i


Inamo, Soho/London
Mixology fans and pan-Asian foodies place orders from an illustrated food and drink interactive ordering system projected on to their table surface. Then, while you eat and drink, the system lets you discover the local neighborhood, and even order a taxi home.


Clo Wine Bar, New York City
Another innovative touch-screen barside ordering system. Choose your nerdy make-stuff-happen reference and insert it here ; )


Robotic Restaurant, Korea
Cool and creepy at the same time, orders at this Korean restaurant arrive via robotic waiter (as cool as it seems to us, the robots do look a little Radio Shack, Circa 1990, which just makes this geeky restaurant/pub even niftier.)

BONUS: Check out these plans for a “homemade nerd bar“

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