17 Hollywood-Inspired Desk Gadgets

by Tori Johnson on November 24, 2010

Han Solo FrozenFor better or worse, some of the most colossal editions of film’s most popular sagas are hitting the big screen this year and next.

Want to lay down your allegiance to these Hollywood heavyweights on your desk at work or at home? Check out our rundown of the 2011’s most outrageous movie-driven gadgets…

Tron Legacy Keyboard

Tron: Legacy keyboard, mouse, zero-g R/C cycle, and video-face action-figures
To look at the trailer[s], this sequel can do no wrong. The technology finally exists to do this story justice on the big screen and in your workspace. Check out the link below to see how you can get your hands on Tron-inspired keyboards, mice, and even action figures with “video-animated” faces. http://inventorspot.com/articles/disneys_tron_sequel_inspires_cutting_edge_toys_44116

Captain America

Captain America: The First Avenger business card holder
Hook up with the buzz over the July 2011 inaugural instalment of the Marvel universe franchise of the same name and organize all those luddite business cards you picked up last conference…

The Twilight Saga

Twilight laptop and Smartphone skins
One for the ladies (seriously, what guy wants a Twilight “anything”) to show your support for Team Edward or Team Jacob at each and every meeting you take your portable computing device to.

Harry Potter Weasley Family Clock

Harry Potter Weasley-family-style clock
Yes, it looks just like the one in The Chamber of Secrets…Yes, it also actually tells time too! NOTE: The link below is one of the only places online this oft-sold-out item is currently available.

Marauder’s Map chair pillow
Perhaps this cozy office/cubicle chair or couch accent will help you keep tabs on fellow co-workers…no promises… Harry Potter Monster Book

and plush Monster Book of Monsters
Don’t count on getting the full text of the actual book…or even life-like chewing action…But this hilarious Potter reproduction will be sure to have your office mates doing a double-take.

BONUS: Harry Potter-style wand TV remote
Yes. It really works…Yes.

Pixar desk toy

Pixar “animatronic” lamp/logo desk toy
The trend-spotters at Slash Film found this at the Pixar store (not open to the public) and surmise that this very groovy motorized desk version of the CGI company logo might be available at one of Disney’s Florida or Cali’-based studio stores (let us know if you find out.)

Video of it in action: http://bitcast-a.bitgravity.com/slashfilm/trailers/pixartoy.flv (opens via Windows Media Player)

Transformers Dinobot mouse

Transformers Dinobot transforming computer mouse
Rar! Slag, Grimlock, Sludge and pals are now transforming mice!! Just in time for the third motion picture instalment.

Optimus Prime USB hub
Why have a USB hub when you can have an Optimus Prime USB hub that actually talks. “Autobots…Transform and roll-out!”

AND unofficial solar-powered desk Transformer
Not a licensed transformer toy, but nevertheless, this solar-powered 6-in-1 kit from OWI is the perfect desk distraction and/or inspiration source.

Pirates of the Caribbean Lamp

Pirates of the Caribbean 3D image lamp
Grab some Captain Morgan and this nifty lamp whose pattern appears to jump off the shade, just in time for the fourth instalment in the rollicking Johnny Depp franchise this coming May.

USS Enterprise NC-1701 webcam

U.S.S. Enterprise webcam
Who cares that this isn’t merchandise for the re-helmed J.J. Abrams franchise. Star Trek is HOT and you were probably in on the bandwagon years before most of the people seeing the movies these days. Show your pride on your next Skype session with this truly retro homage to the current reboot.

Chronicles of Narnia desktop play set

Chronicles of Narnia desktop play set
We admit, this is not a desk gadget per-see. But those who have clung to the Narnia stories ever since the Lord of the Rings movies came to an end will love the chance to use this Prince Caspian castle play set to ring-in the latest instalment Voyage of the Dawn Treader

AND for those who insist on seeing the yet-to-be-released Dawn Treader toys, check out the early concept art here:

Itchy and Scratchy desk dioramas

Itchy and Scratchy desk dioramas:
Who needs Franklin Mint or Hallmark collectibles – THIS is what you really want in your stocking for Christmas! Said dioramas range from outlandish to barely-safe-for-work.

Han Solo Frozen

Han Solo frozen in carbonite desk
Are they serious!!?? Yes, this is an EXACT replica of that fateful scene from The Empire Strikes Back. As with the items above, this beauty can be yours for a price: In this case, $5,500 US…Most likely, shipping is extra…

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