Modis 2013 Geeky Holiday Gift Guide

by Modis on December 9, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Tis the season for family, friends, merriment & gift giving! We know it’s challenging to shop for the perfect gift – especially for someone who already has it all – so this year, we’re making it a little bit easier to shop for the techies and geeks in your circle with our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide! Below, you will find 10 gifts ranging in price between $15-$200, and a little something for tech enthusiasts of all ages! We’ve also created a Pinterest Board full of other exceptional gift idea outside of our top 10.

Modis’ Top 10 Geek & Tech Gifts for 2013!

Modis Gift Guide Favorite: Turtle Beach EAR FORCE DPX21 Gaming Headphones

Turtle Beach EAR FORCE DPX21 Gaming Headphones ($149.95)

For the heavy gamer in your life, these headphones are the perfect gift. Not only are they compatible with PS3/4, Xbox360, PC & Mac, but they are one of the best quality brands of headphones for gamers out there. Turtle Beach says, “The DPX21 gives you a competitive advantage by bringing out sound cues in the game that are difficult to hear with speakers—such as the footsteps of an enemy sneaking up on you or the loading of a weapon at a distance.” For that reason alone, this is the perfect present. That special gamer in your life is sure to thank you. Available for purchase here.

6-Month Gift Code for Micro Plan ($42.00)

Is there someone in your friends & family circle that absolutely loves to code? This GitHub gift code may be the best gift they’ve ever received. For those of you unfamiliar, GitHub is the largest code host in the world. Over 4 million users collaborate, share and build really awesome projects together. It’s a great place for a coder to really beef up their skills, learn from other excellent coders & create their own masterpieces to show to the world. The Micro plan is an upgrade from the free version and allows for 5 private repositories (for those top secret creations!), while GitHub’s free version does not allow for any at all. Although this gift may be hard to wrap, the coder in your life will still be pleasantly surprised with your extremely thoughtful gift choice. Available for purchase here.

Modis Gift Guide Favorite: GoldieBlox and the Spinning Machine

GoldieBlox and the Spinning Machine ($29.99)

That’s right! The girls over at GoldieBlox stole our hearts and coveted a spot in our 2013 Gift Guide with their toy/book GolideBlox & the Spinning Machine. This set is perfect for your favorite girls (and boys) interested in tech, teaching them spatial skills, engineering principles and confidence in problem solving as they help Goldie’s dog, Nacho, chase his own tail. The end result walks kids through the process of building a belt drive machine to spin everyone around to solve the problem. Guaranteed to be a big hit with your curious builders and problem solving little ones, this is definitely one gift you should have under the tree this year! Available for purchase here.

Google Chromecast ($35.00)

Modis Gift Guide Favorite: Google Chromecast

The Google Chromecast is a favorite on many holiday gift guides this year, and ours is no exception. Chromecast, with the look, weight & feel of a standard flash drive, holds a lot more than meets the eye. Chromecast is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to enjoy online videos and music directly on your TV. By plugging it into any HDTV, you have the power to access Netflix, YouTube, HBO GO, Hulu Plus, Pandora, Google Play Movies & TV, Google Play Music and Chrome! The best part? No remotes! You can control Chromecast with any Android or Apple device. Even your laptop can control Google Chromecast. For the movie watcher & subscription hoarder, this is the best gift you could offer them this season. Available for purchase here.

R/C Space Messenger ($39.99)

ThinkGeek was inspired to bring “science fiction into your life as science fact” with their R/C Space Messenger. This little helicopter gadget displays a customizable LED message while flying around in midair. It stores up to 20 words into the IR handset, and the user can change these words at any time. This is definitely that gift for your friend who works in one of those collaborative startup spaces. The possibilities for meeting invitations, fun, and mischief with coworkers are endless! Available for purchase here.


Modis Gift Guide Favorite: Polaroid 10-Megapixel Instant Print Digital Camera Z2300W with ZINK Zero Ink Printing TechnologyPolaroid 10-Megapixel Instant Print Digital Camera Z2300W with ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology ($179.99)

The name kind of says it all. For the frequent “SELFIE!”-holic in your life, the Polaroid Z2300W instant print digital camera is the perfect gift. With its ZINK Zero Ink printing technology, you’ll never have to waste your time buying ink again! Once you take the photo, the camera immediately spits out 2×3 inch prints effortlessly. This camera is available in both black and white, and right now comes with free shipping! Just be warned, you may have several of your best friend’s selfies plastered all over your fridge. It’s a tough price to pay for the perfect gift, isn’t it? Available for purchase here.

Modis Gift Guide Favorite: Hipo HIP-400BK Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker & SpeakerphoneHipo HIP-400BK Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker & Speakerphone ($59.99)

There’s always that one friend or family member who can’t be without their smartphone in fear of missing a phone call. This is the same person that keeps their phone dangerously close to their showers and bathtubs while they’re quickly washing, scrubbing & rinsing through their shower routine. Well, no more! The Hipo HIP-400BK Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker & Speakerphone (available in black or white) gives the smartphone addict peace of mind. This device is compatible with any Bluetooth media player or phone. According to Amazon, it especially “works great with apple iPhone 5 Series, Android Devices and phones, Samsung S-Voice, Google Music, Pandora and all other audio APPs on your android or iPhone.” Now they’ll never have to miss that important call, even if their hair is full of shampoo; and in between calls, they can rock out to their Spotify bath time playlist. Let’s be honest, you know they probably have one of those. Available for purchase here.

Modis Gift Guide Favorite: Olloclip 3-in-1 Lens for iPhoneOlloclip 3-in-1 Lens for iPhone ($69.99)

Remember the selfie-holic? Yeah, this is not the gift for them. This is for the friend, cousin or sibling who’s Instagram account is always filled with really good photos. This is for the person who knows what the rule of thirds actually is and maybe even has a knack and passion for digital photography. The Olloclip is a simple lens that quickly and easily snaps onto your iPhone 4/4s or 5/5s offering three lenses in one. In this three-in-one lens, you have the capabilities of macro, fisheye and wide angle lenses at your fingertips. As we said, for the avid photography plan, this is a really great gift that can be used anytime and anywhere, as the Olloclip attachment is small enough to fit in one’s pocket. Available for purchase here.

Modis Gift Guide Favorite: Star Trek Electronic Door ChimeStar Trek Electronic Door Chime ($29.99)

It’d be terrible of us not to include something for Trekkies, since many of us here at Modis live and breathe for all thinks Star Trek. For that Trekkie friend always worried about security breaches, this door chime is the #1 gift for them. This motion-sensitive door chime was modeled after the communicator panels in The Original Series and makes authentic door swoosh and red alert sounds when someone passes by. The sound it makes depends on their clearance and your settings, of course. By pushing the button on the front of the communicator, you will hear that familiar Communicator Whistle sound. This officially licensed Star Trek collectible is the perfect gift for the die-hard Trekkie in your life. Live long & prosper knowing that you got the best gift for them this year. Available for purchase here.

Minecraft Light-Up Torch ($24.99) and Pickaxe Touchscreen Stylus ($19.99)

We’ve found that many of our sons, nephews and younger brothers are really into this Minecraft business, so we investigated. Turns out, we’re pretty infatuated with it, too! A great game to play for anyone of any age, Minecraft is extreme pixelated fun! For the Minecraft fan in your life, invest in this two-part gift – a light-up torch and pickaxe touchscreen stylus. Keeping this torch by your bedside is the perfect way to keep those pesky Creepers away at night, while the pickaxe can assist you in playing Minecraft Pocket Edition on your smartphone or tablet all day long. This simple (yet thoughtful) set can really bring those pixels to life for your favorite Minecraft player! Torch available here. Pickaxe available here.

We’re in gift-giving spirit, too!

After our live Google Hangout On Air on December 12th at 4PM EST (watch it again here), we’ll be giving away our 3 unboxed items – GoldieBlox & The Spinning Machine, R/C Messenger & the OlloClip – to YOU the blog readers! Comment below with which one of the three you’d love to see wrapped up for you this holiday season! We’ll select three commenters to win these gifts on Tuesday, December 17th! Don’t forget to share with friends! If they win, you never know, they might be nice enough to gift it right back to you!

Not only do we give away tech-related gifts and gadgets, but we also give the gift of excellent job opportunities to talented professionals year-round. If you’re looking for a rewarding and exciting job in 2014, look no further than Modis to pair you with exceptional technical connections at top companies. Don’t wait – apply now.

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