25 Women Influencing IT Today

by Sam Perry on October 21, 2009

most_powerful_women_IT_modisSome of them helm the largest tech firms in the world, some of them are the face of breaking-news interactive sites (or interactive breaking-news sites), and some of them just blog..

But all of these women influence how the information technology industry runs today, and they likely will even-more-so tomorrow.

Any we missed?

1. Carol Bartz, President and CEO, Yahoo

After holding senior positions at Sun and 3M, Bartz joined the Yahoo board as CEO in January 2009, brokering a search-engine partnership with Microsoft. She holds an honors degree in computer science from the University of Wisconsin.

most_powerful_women_IT_marissa_mayer_modis2. Marissa Mayer, VP, Search Products and User Experience, Google

At age 24, the then-first-female engineer at the company gave Google a 2% chance of success. Ten years later, Melissa Mayer is the VP in charge of more than 100 products, and is the person behind Gmail, Google Earth, Google Chrome, and the functionality of the Google homepage itself.

3. Sheril Samberg, Chief Operating Officer, Facebook

After serving as Google’s VP of online sales and operations for six years, Samberg joined Facebook as the person tasked with growing the world’s largest social networking site in the worst economy since the great depression.

4. Gina Trapani

She went from writing code to writing one of the highest-trafficked technology blogs ever (approximately 25 million monthly visitors).

5. Safra Catz, President, Oraclemost_powerful_women_IT_safra_catz_modis

After holding several board and Vice President positions at Oracle, Catz became president in 2004. She was a key player in the takeover of rival PeopleSoft.

6. Arianna Huffington

The ultra high-powered democrat has little training in the ways of the “new” new Internet, but her left-wing news brainchild huffingtonpost.com has more than 2,000 contributors blogging it, with a disproportionately high number of tech-types turning to the site for political commentary.

7. Ann Livermore, Executive VP, Hewlett-Packard

One of the highest-paid women on Earth, Livermore previously served a number of high-level postings at HP and UPS.

9. Virginia Rometty, senior vice president, IBMmost_powerful_women_IT_rometty_modis

Named one of Forbes Magazine’s 100 most powerful women for 2009, Rometty heads-up IBM’s sales efforts in 170 countries across the globe.

8. Justine Ezarik, lifecaster

In 2007, Ezarik became the Internet’s first lifecaster, creating more than 200 videos detailing every aspect of her existence. Together, they have garnered more than 25 million views, showing the power of well-showcased content, no matter how otherwise-mundane.

10. Melinda Gates, digital philanthrapistmost_powerful_women_IT_melinda_gates_modis

Along with husband Bill, putting some of her family’s countless billions to good use in the developing world has been the life passion. Who says tech folk can’t change the real world?

11. Anne Sweeney, Co-chairman, Disney Media Networks

You can thank (or curse) her for Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, and Dancing With The Stars, on TV and online, as well as the associated web properties and Video On Demand and mobile apps for hits like Lost.

12. Oprah Winfrey, multimedia phenomenon

She doesn’t have a tech degree (not even an honorary one) but the queen of daytime TV has become an online phenomenon and is the 9th most followed Tweeter on the web.

13. Queen Rania of Jordanmost_powerful_women_IT_queen_jordan_modis

Speaking of Tweeting, the reigning (and literal) queen has more than 600,000 followers on Twitter. She was also presented with YouTube’s first-ever Visionary Award.

14. Anne Moore, CEO, Time Inc.


Sometimes, success means knowing when to cut your losses, which is what Moore’s media giant did with the offloading of AOL in 2009, showing that sometimes being powerful means having (and using) the power to do-away with technology.

15. Ann Handley, social media giant, consultant

Known for one of the most read social networking blogs on the web: a must-read for keeping up-to-snuff.

16. Corvida Raven, technology commentator

One of the tech spotlighters to watch: an oasis of honesty for those who’re willing to face it.

17. Charlene Begley, CEO, GE Enterprise Solutions

Her portfolio of tech properties include Phoenix, Rheonik, Covi Technologies and MTL Open System Technologies.


18. Amber Macarthur, tech video host

The Canadian tech video host/producer has become a sought-after consultant and commentator, as well as a sensation on screens of all sorts across the web, with tens of thousands of followers on Twitter.

19. Michelle MacPhearson, “content is king”

A plain-and-simple blog: Just a blog, but one of the most visited women online when it comes to figuring out and using interactive content.

20. Liz Strauss, “success on the web”

One of the women that best uses the best tools of the web to succeed (and help others understand blogging and blogs, including her own.)

21. Ursula Burns, CEO, Xerox Corpmost_powerful_women_IT_ursula_burns_modis

In May of 2009, Burns became the first black woman to head a major public company in the U.S. and the first to succeed another woman in the CEO’s office.

22. Lynn Terry, internet marketing maven

One of the up-and-coming women successfully wielding, using, and sharing techniques for using digital technology for marketing.

23. Maria Reyes-Mcdavis, the ugly truth

Her latest blog entry asks “Are you throwing up at the social media party?”

24. Shama Kabani

What do you do after the launch? Her site looks at the where to go now’s of digital creation and management.

25. Heather Armstrong, turning digital tragedy into triumph

Started the famed blog on “how to let your blog get you fired, then make a living off the same blog”, making this list for keeping said blog going…and actually interesting.

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Maria Reyes-McDavis November 8, 2009 at 6:59 pm

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Wow! Honored to make this list. = )

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