4 Amazing IT Gadgets, & How to Get Your Boss to Buy Them

by Modis on November 16, 2011

You’re constantly reading about all of the most advanced, high-tech gadgets hitting the market, and you imagine yourself buying these items and living a life of eternal bliss. Have you ever thought of what it’d be like to use these products in a work setting? How much easier they would make your IT job?

If you haven’t, we know you are now. And you’re probably wondering why you never thought of this genius idea in the first place. Because it’s our fault we’ve got you hooked on this concept, we’ll go through all of the latest tech must-haves and give you advice on how to get your boss on board for buying them.

Item: iPad 2


Cost: $499+

Why it’s awesome: Do we really have to explain? Running iOS and giving you access to the iCloud, this high-tech tablet provides 10 hours of battery life, two cameras, and Wifi and/or 3G access. These features allow you to take pictures, record video, and even FaceTime.

How to use it: The iPad 2 is a portable, lightweight way to have everything you need with you at all times. With access to hundreds of thousands of Apple apps, you can make use of applications like VNC Viewer ($9.99), which lets you access your desktop computer from anywhere, and Fing (free), a convenient network scanner. iPad 2 will last for your entire workday and even allow you to communicate with coworkers who are across the building or off-site.

How to get it: Stress the importance of how efficient it would be to always have resources with you while you’re making your rounds. Also, the apps available can make working much quicker and more flexible. For example, the VNC Viewer app would allow you to help someone with his or her computer problems from home. How can you get more productive than that? That’s time saved at work the next day, and with universal access to, well, almost everything, you’ll never fall behind.

Item: Virtual Infrared Keyboard


Cost: $169.99

Why it’s awesome: First of all, this keyboard definitely looks like something from the future, which already makes it awesome. But reviews have shown that despite skepticism about how well it’ll work, it’s actually great and extremely accurate.

How to use it: Use it for your normal computer in order to have less hardware to deal with and less to clean. But the best part is that you can use it with your smartphone as well! If you’re ever away from your desktop and trying to do work on your phone, having this virtual keyboard handy can save you a ton of time. Just check the website before buying so that you make sure the keyboard is compatible with your phone.

How to get it: Explain how this keyboard can link up to computers and phones. Then point out to your boss that if you have a keyboard on hand all the time, there’s no excuse to not work. You’ll essentially always have access to a computer, so not only can you work, but you can work more quickly instead of typing on a touch screen in a way you’re not used to. The one-time $170 cost is totally worth all of the extra work you’ll be able to get done.

Item: Kindle Fire

Cost: $199


Cost: $169.99

Why it’s awesome: While Kindle Fire is probably meant to compete with Nook Color, it makes a fantastic tablet if you’re not looking for tons of additional features. It includes access to Amazon Cloud and uses Amazon Silk, a cloud-accelerated “split browser” for fast Web browsing.

How to use it: If your boss laughs in your face about the expense of an iPad 2, the Amazon Fire can really make more of a case. It’s smaller and can easily be held in one hand, so it’s better for on-the-go scenarios. Not to mention it’s less than half the price of an iPad 2. It won’t be released until Nov. 15, but reports have suggested Fire will allow access to many Android apps, so it’s possible many IT-helpful applications similar (or identical) to Apple’s will be at your fingertips.

How to get it: If you were going to put a price tag on the ultimate efficiency tool, it would be $200. Kindle Fire’s so easy to take around with you, and with free Amazon Cloud storage, you can carry all sorts of useful notes, files, and reminders for yourself and also have access to Wifi and countless useful apps. Plus, it’s made with an extra-durable display, so you won’t be worrying so much about getting it scratched. Having such a valuable resource on the go will exponentially increase your productivity.

And, if you want to start small…

Item: Plug Hub


Cost: $28.95

Why it’s awesome: Working with numerous electronics means dealing with numerous cords. Because you have better things to do than constantly untangle cords, they tend to get twist into quite the nest of disorganization. Plug Hub completely eliminates this problem.

How to use it: This product helps you organize the mess of cords under your desk. It houses your power cords that connect to the power strip, featuring three anchors that allow for the simple wrapping of the cords. Not only did this make your area and all of your coworkers’ areas less embarrassing and cluttered looking, it also makes your job easier if you have to deal with hardware and need to find the plug that matches the electronic.

How to get it: Simply lead your boss to a coworker’s desk that’s particularly cluttered and ask if he’d like a solution. If he thinks $35 is a little much to get one for every person in the company, remind him of how much time this will save every time you or someone else has to deal with the cluster of cables. Also, if any clients or consumers visit the office, it’s better for their reputation to have a sleek, clean office, not one that draws your eye to cord entanglements.


We want as many awesome gadgets as you do, but telling your boss that they’re “super legit” won’t really get you anywhere. When you pitch the idea to management, make sure you focus on any money-saving, efficiency-increasing aspects. They want to know how buying these products will increase productivity and cut spending. So, tell them how!

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