5 Life Lessons from Comic Book Father Figures

by Hanna Olivera on June 19, 2016

man reading comic book on father's dayOne of the things we love about comic books is their ability to take you into another reality. Often, though, the lessons learned in this alternate universe can be translated into the real lives we lead. On Father’s Day, we look at the lessons we learned from comic book father figures.

Alfred Pennyworth taught us loyalty.

He may not have been Bruce Wayne/Batman’s dad, but Alfred certainly played the role of father figure to the caped crusader. He stood by Batman’s side through thick and thin, sharing wisdom and support as Batman tackled villain after villain to protect Gotham. Alfred shows us that you don’t have to be related by blood to have a strong, father-son bond.

Uncle Ben Parker taught us character.

While he was short-lived in the comics, Uncle Ben Parker’s influence is seen throughout Peter Parker/Spider-Man’s story. In fact, his quote “With great power comes great responsibility” becomes one of the cornerstones of Spider-Man’s foundation. It’s because of Uncle Ben that Spider-Man chooses to do the right thing, even in the face of adversity.

Pa Kent taught us to be kind.

Clark Kent/Superman’s adoptive father, Pa Jonathan Kent, was the epitome of kindness. Pa Kent’s gentle nature is seen throughout the comics. He instilled this warmth and optimism in Superman, traits that proved to be driving forces in his passion for protecting others.

Rick Grimes taught us to be tough.

The zombie slayer himself stays calm, cool and collected in the face of peril. His ability to do what must be done is an example to his son, Carl, to dig deep and find strength from within. Rick also serves as a father figure to several other survivors, who look to his example of stability as a superpower in itself as they endure the zombie apocalypse.

Professor X taught us to see the best in others.

In a time when mutants were outcast and feared, Professor Charles Xavier provided a safe space to all in the X-Men universe. He assumed the role of father for many mutants whose families rejected their mutant abilities. His open door to the mutant and human communities alike is evidence enough of his ability to see the best in others.

Love comics as much as we do?

See which comic book characters we wish we could be! Oh, and Happy Father’s Day!

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