5 Things I Never Knew About IT Staffing

by Modis on June 10, 2016

courtney teamToday, we’re welcoming Courtney Berger to the blog. Courtney is the 2016 Adecco Group North America CEO for One Month. She met with Modis earlier this week and learned a lot about IT staffing from our team!

4,100+ applicants. 6 finalists chosen to go to boot camp to compete for the internship of a lifetime. 1 winner. Did I ever expect that it would be me? I believe my positive and competitive nature hoped it would be all along, but when I heard Bob Crouch announce my name, I felt frozen in time. I felt astounded that out of thousands of prestigious backgrounds, articulate speakers, and entrepreneurs, they chose me.

So what happened next? I celebrated that night with my bootcamp competitors (turned friends) and the rest of the Jacksonville Adecco family. I left the next morning for Sarasota and was soon back in Jacksonville for educational training with the Presidents, CEOs, and SVPs of Adecco.

courtney working at modisI had the pleasure of spending time with Jack Cullen and his Modis team is Detroit this past week. They are a sharp group of individuals with a foundation of mutual respect for one another and diligence to work hard to do what it takes to get the job done. Here’s what I learned about IT staffing:

1. You don’t have to have an IT background in order to recruit for IT positions.

Whether you’re newly graduated from college or looking for a career change, you can transition from all walks of life to the world of IT recruiting. There is an extensive training module that all new recruiters are put through to teach them the ropes of the IT market. Feel confident in your ability to soak up new information. If you are a fast learner and an active listener, you’ll do great. Modis is a business that dedicates itself to people, so as long as you feel comfortable immersing yourself in the culture of helping others, you’ll succeed!

2. You’re a matchmaker.

While you’re not a traditional ‘love’ matchmaker, your goal is to pair a well-qualified candidate to meet the requirements of the type of position the client needs to fill. Every client Modis works with has very specific needs for the positions they must fill. Modis’s job is to tackle this job with articulation and success to make both the client and the candidate fit seamlessly together. 

CEO for One Month with Team Modis3. Teamwork is key.

Every day at 8:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., the Modis colleagues huddle around a whiteboard to discuss wins from the current day and also brainstorm about how to win tomorrow. It fosters independence in a team-oriented atmosphere as well as entrepreneurship within a corporate environment. This industry is unique because it allows phenomenal growth in areas you wouldn’t initially expect.

4. Modis adds value to its clients.

Plain and simple, Modis is hired to recruit. What the majority of us don’t get to see is that they act as HR, consultants, problem-solvers, and a company who delivers tremendous value to its clients. Modis is a resourceful solution to clients who need to add value to their business by way of higher qualified, top tier employees.

Click here to learn more about the Adecco Group’s CEO for One Month program. Follow along with Courtney’s journey as Adecco Group North America CEO for One Month using #CEO1Month on Twitter!

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