6 Must-Visit Travel Spots for Science Nerds

by Hanna Olivera on June 20, 2016

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‘Tis the season for travel! Instead of planning a typical vacation, why not see some sites that tap into your interests? To help you have the best trip ever, we’ve compiled some of the travel destinations all geeks and nerds should visit.

Lowell Observatory – Flagstaff, AZ

At the Lowell Observatory, you can look through the powerful telescope with which Pluto was discovered (may the former planet revolve in peace). The observatory also offers the opportunity to look through lower-grade telescopes and has several informative exhibits to explore along with informative presentations about the discovery of Pluto. Flagstaff is an exceptional location for these activities since it is the world’s first International Dark-Sky City, making the views of the universe even more stunning.

La Brea Tar Pits – Los Angeles, CA

This is such a unique spot for those interested in dinosaurs because it provides a tangible opportunity to experience a piece of the prehistoric. (“Tangible” may be a strong word – don’t touch the tar pits!) Not only are you able to see the tar pit that claimed the life of many a prehistoric creature, you can also witness active excavations and see some of the results of these excavations on display.

Kennedy Space Center – Cape Canaveral, FL

Have you ever wanted to see a rocket launch? Is meeting an astronaut on your bucket list? Time to plan your trip to Kennedy Space Center! This NASA field center actively launches rockets and opens these launches to the public. They also frequently host opportunities to meet astronauts and often offer experiences to eat lunch with them. From their IMAX showings that make you feel like you’re in space to their Launch Control Center Tour, this should be on every nerd’s travel list.

American Museum of Natural History – New York, NY

When a museum takes up four city blocks, it means business. The 45 permanent halls at the American Museum of Natural History have exhibits on everything from animals and national parks to health and space. They also have an impressive array of self-guided tours, including one with exhibits featured in the Night At the Museum movie.

Edison & Ford Winter Estates – Fort Myers, FL

Take a peek into the world of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford as you wander through their estates at this historic landmark in Southwest Florida. The grounds include their winter homes and gardens, which features a fascinating array of trees the visionaries used in experiments. You also have access to Edison’s Botanic Research Laboratory, where he worked to find an alternative source of rubber, and a museum featuring artifacts unique to both Edison and Ford’s work.

Soudan Underground Laboratory – Soudan, MN

Located 2,341 feet beneath the surface of the earth, this deep underground physics laboratory studies “the nature of the fundamental forces between the tiniest bits of matter.” The atmosphere is so isolated from outside forces that it allows for the research of more sensitive particles, like neutrinos and dark matter. The lab is still active and hosts scientists from all over the world.

Now that you know where you’re going, take a break from reality and make it a tech-free vacation!

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