5 Insightful Actual Advice Mallard Memes

by Modis on October 1, 2014

Reddit is a magical place, and the Advice Animals subreddit is usually great for a good laugh. Despite it’s name, Advice Animals is often lacking in the actual advice department. Every once in a while, somewhere in the the chaos of Confession Bears, Overly Attached Girlfriends, Awkward Penguins, Unpopular Opinion Puffins, and the like, an Actual Advice Mallard will get posted with real, legitimate, actual advice. There’s a plethora of knowledge and insights that range from lifehacks to common sense to tech tips and tricks within this particular meme.

5 Insightful Actual Advice Mallard Memes

Photoshop users of all levels can learn from Imgur user KiloFX‘s Photoshop Actual Advice Mallards:

Check your grammar before you wreck your grammar:

De-code the trickiest Wikipedia entries:

Because we’ve all had that moment where we’ve mistaken a Sharpie for a dry erase marker:

Exceptional interview insights:

Whether you’re looking for interview advice or shortcuts in the latest software, the Actual Advice Mallard is a wealth of knowledge from which we can all learn. Do you have some insight to bestow upon the world? Create your own Actual Advice Mallard meme here, and be sure to share it with us on Facebook or Twitter.

One last piece of advice – stay away from this wolf in sheep’s clothing:

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