How AI is Changing the World Around Us

by Modis on March 16, 2017

building AIOur modern world is constantly being shaped and changed by newly emerging technologies. Many of the bold innovations we take for granted today didn’t exist a few decades ago, yet it’s now hard to imagine life without them. As technology continues its rapid advancement towards a future reality we once envisioned only through the lens of science fiction, eye-opening developments like true Artificial Intelligence (AI) will inevitably play a bigger role in our day-to-day lives in the years ahead.

In fact, AI is already making its mark across many industries around the globe. Here’s a look at some of the fascinating ways AI is being put to use right now to revolutionize our evolving world.

Robot Security

Crime-fighting droids may sound a little far-fetched, but autonomous AI-driven security robots have already been in development for a few years now. If you’re imagining something akin to the Daleks from Dr. Who, you’re that not far off them mark. A California start-up called Knightscope is poised to launch a line of automated autonomous security robots that are loaded with sensors and on-board monitoring systems to enhance the capabilities and effectiveness of their human counterparts.

These unarmed robots won’t be replacing human security roles anytime soon, but they are designed to act as an enhanced set of eyes and ears, offering support through monitoring, patrolling, alerts, and threat detecting analysis. The first wave of these unique service bots are expected to be deployed in corporate campuses, malls, stadiums, airports, company parking facilities, and even hospitals in the near future. Is this just the first step in a more automated security robot future? Time will tell.

Data-Driven Fashion

Shiny automated robots aren’t the only shape that AI is taking of late. Big data and machine learning are abuzz in the tech world, providing a means for businesses to gain actionable insights for improving their products. In the fashion world, some forward thinking companies like Cosabella are turning to AI to help them design products guaranteed to resonate with their target market.

In this case, Cosabella, which makes a variety of clothing and is seeking to expand into new apparel markets, is using AI and machine learning to analyze customer trends and preferences, then make informed predictions about what will be the next hottest trend they can capitalize on. It’s a fascinating approach that we expect more companies will take advantage of as AI becomes more accessible to the masses.

Media Fact-Checking

With all of the controversy this past election cycle over fake news posts cropping up over social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, fact-checking is becoming a necessity in the modern digital age if you’re keen to keep up with the latest news. Manually taking the time to source check every piece of is an exhausting prospect for anyone to have to push through, but some experts believe machine learning and AI will play a key role in helping to sift out the fake news from the real deal.

Self-Driving Vehicles

It’s only a matter of time before self-driving cars make their official debut on roadways across the globe, but will these automated cars be safe and accurate enough to take hold as a staple of modern transportation? It’s highly possible, given the latest progress on AI development, which is sophisticated enough to learn and adapt to driving conditions in real-time. The thought of cruising down the highway with a machine in total control is a little eerie, though the data-driven decision making power of these cutting edge computers have the potential to make even the most far-fetched imaginations and inevitable possibility.

What other interesting and unusual AI-powered innovations would you like to see developed for our future? Let us know in the comments section below!

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