8 Awesomely Geeky Gift Ideas

by Modis on December 14, 2016

geek gift packages festively wrappedAs the holidays approach, the quest to find the perfect gifts for your friends and loved ones often ramps up to an exciting frenzy. Getting creative with your holiday shopping can be easy when you have a handful of classic stand-byes to draw from, but what do you get that special person in your life when their tastes fall along the nerdier side of the spectrum? Don’t sweat it. Our list of geek gift ideas runs a unique gamut to help satisfy even the nerdiest of interests.

For the Comics & Collectibles Geek: Loot Crate

If your favorite geek loves surprises and has a passion for collectible chotchkies and fan memorabilia, you might consider buying them a gift subscription to Loot Crate. This service delivers a monthly mystery box of geeky t-shirts, collectibles, comics, and other fun goodies.

For the Party Game Geek: Cards Against Humanity

Billed as the ultimate party game for “horrible people,” this accessible and extremely outrageous card game tasks players with answering a question from the black card pile each round by playing the funniest white card from their hand. Most rounds end with a mix of bizarre, occasionally crass, and utterly hilarious results, making for an unforgettable—and frequently disturbing—party game experience.

For the Sci-fi Geek: Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series

Arguably one of the best sci-fi series to date, BSG’s epic space-faring drama over the bid to stave of humanity’s extinction at the hands of a cybernetic race is best enjoy binge-watch style. With this glorious boxed set, you can hunker down with your geeky loved ones and shut out the world for a few weeks of delicious space pew-pew. So say we all.

For the Coffee Geek: Deathwish Coffee Bundle

Some people enjoy coffee. For others, however, coffee is a religion. If your geeky loved one falls in the latter camp, this ultra high-test bundle of the world’s strongest coffee is a holiday gift must. This two pack comes with the original Death Wish Coffee blend and the awesomely-named Valhalla Java Odinforce blend.

For the Retro Gaming Geek: Nintendo NES Classic Edition

What’s old is definitely new again. Nintendo’s re-issue of 30 classic NES hits inside this pint-sized miniaturized Nintendo Entertainment System is a hot ticket this year. Plug this beauty into any TV, and teleport to the classic days of gaming bliss. If you can get your hands on one, it’s a perfect nostalgia-inducing gift for the retro-loving gamers in your life.

For the Craft Beer Geek: Essential Brewing Starter Kit

Craft beer lovers come in all shapes and sizes, but the magic of making your own brew to share with pals is universal. This home brewing starter kit has all the basic gear and instructions you need to brew your first beer, making it a unique gift for beer nerds who might be interested in taking their geekiness to the next level.

For the Tech Geek: The Raspberry Pi 3 Ultimate Starter Kit

This tiny credit card-sized computer is a fun and creative tool for tech tinkering and programming. With the wide range of ways you can put it to use, the Raspberry Pi is a great gift idea for young aspiring programmers or tech heads of all ages interested in getting their feet wet with custom computing.

For the Star Wars Geek: Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

Precious few holidays gifts purport to “simulate the warmth of Tauntaun carcass,” which makes this adorable, goofy, and cold climate-friendly Star Wars gift so memorable. This plush Tauntaun sleeping bag lets you recreate the classic Hoth survival scene from the Empire Strikes Back or, alternately, just stay warm and comfy while watching movies or camping in the wintry wilds.

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