How Car Technology Makes Holiday Travel More Enjoyable

by Modis on December 18, 2017

With all the new car technology available today, holiday travel and road trips can be more enjoyable and entertaining this season. The number of vehicles equipped with amazing new car technology and features is growing to meet the needs of most holiday travelers. These technologies are sure to make this year’s holiday road trip more enjoyable and memorable for you and your loved ones.

All-Around Heated Seats

Do you dread that first moment when you get into a car, sit down on a frozen seat, and have to wait until the car warms up enough so you can stop holding your breath? While heated driver seats are not new, heated passenger seats are. All-around heated seats with temperature controls now come standard in some cars or as an added option. Making it possible for the driver and all their passengers to enjoy a warm cozy and relaxed road trip from the minute they sit down all the way to grandma’s house.

Virtual Cockpit and Heads Up Display

Imagine being able to not only map your trip using real-time traffic and navigation but also see the terrain in 3D. The virtual cockpit and heads-up display give drivers the ability to see all the hills and valleys along the route, along with other important information, gauges, and entertainment features. This means drivers can spend more time looking straight ahead instead of diverting their attention away from the road when trying to fiddle with dials and gadgets located elsewhere in the vehicle. This new car technology helps create a safer driving environment for road trips.

USB Ports For All Passengers

Odds are this season every passenger will bring their own device along during holiday travel. To complement these mobile devices, new car technology like all-around USB ports make it possible for passengers to listen to their collection of playlists or watch their favorite movies using their an individual passenger USB port. Multiple USB ports can come in handy, especially on long-distance road trips when passengers need to charge their devices. This allows travelers to stay entertained and content during those long journeys.

Built-in WiFi

Anyone who has done road trips, especially holiday travel understands how important WiFi is for safety and enjoyment. Internet access has become a part of everyday life, whether it’s used to stream entertainment or check emails. Vehicles that are WiFi enabled can turn lengthy monotonous holiday road trips into a welcome adventure by allowing passengers to stay connected to the people, places and things they want to access.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and Voice Control

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto provides access to apps, hands-free calling and music. This car technology makes it easy for family and friends to compile a list of everyone’s favorite tunes to listen to together during their holiday travels. Some cars offer a voice control feature that gives passengers access to mobile apps or music using voice commands and enables hands-free calling so the driver can keep both hands on the wheel.

Thermal Imaging Night Vision

There are times when holiday travel has to take place at night. Unfortunately, night time does not provide optimal conditions for seeing ahead clearly. If you have a holiday road trip planned and your vision is not the best at night, some car manufacturers offer night vision thermal imaging technology that alerts drivers when there is something on the road. This new car technology can help reduce stress by making it easier for drivers to detect hard to see objects in the dark and make holiday travels safer and more relaxed.

Holiday road trips are a great way for family and friends to spend quality time together and now new car technology takes holiday travel from boring to awesome.

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