Celebrate National Video Games Day Like a Pro

by Modis on September 9, 2016

Boy playing video games on the couch with a dogNational Video Games Day is right around the corner and we’re pumped! It’s a magical time of the year – when grown adults (and children) can celebrate the profound and amazing evolution of gaming that’s taken place in less than a century.

So how can you ensure that your National Video Games Day is legen…… wait for it… DARY? How do you prove to all of your friends that you are, indeed, the #1 gamer? From tasty drinks and treats to party decorations and retro game nostalgia, we’ve got you covered.

A Brief History of Video Games

The history of video games goes back much farther than most would imagine. The first game ever created was actually Bertie the Brain, an AI-enhanced version of Tic-Tac-Toe. The console was over three meters tall, and it was never rebuilt after its debut at the Canadian National Exhibition. Soon after, a computer gaming console named Nimrod was built and released at the Festival of Britain in 1951. Flash forward to 2016, when games have rapidly evolved to include cutting-edge graphics, captivating storylines, and a diehard fan base. So what are you waiting for? Celebrate this year like a pro!

Video Game Decorations

Throw a Party

Celebrate National Video Games Day this year by throwing the ultimate game-themed party! What can be better than an entire night of themed snacks, drinks, and games? Try sprucing up your space with these do-it-yourself Super Mario Bros. balloons and gift bags. Feeling dangerous? Go all out with a full spread of finger foods inspired by the popular arcade game Pac-Man.



Video Game Food

Bake Some Snacks

Games and treats go together like peas and carrots. This year, snack in style with a delicious game-inspired recipe. Nervous to enter the dreaded kitchen lair? Go the easy route with these awesome cupcakes inspired by retro games. If you’re in the mood for something hearty, try the Barbequed Buzzard Wings – a popular food item in the game World of Warcraft brought to life by fanatics.




Have a Few Drinks

No party is complete without drinks! Adults, celebrate this year with a cocktail inspired by one of your favorite games. If you’re a fan of rum, try mixing up a Metroid. However, don’t go overboard or it’s going to be game over for you! For the young gamers out there, try the real-life twist on Fallout’s in-game drink, Nuka Cola Quantum.



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Video Game Movies

Have a Classic Gamer-Movie Marathon

The history of motion picture films is speckled with video game blockbusters. In their prime, legendary games like Street Fighter, Super Mario Bros., and Tron all graced the silver screen. Grab some friends and a bag of popcorn to enjoy a marathon of the classics this year.




Retro Gaming Nostalgia

This one may come as a surprise… PLAY YOUR OLD GAMES! In less than a century, video games have become commonplace in almost every home. With such a wide variety of gaming consoles available, National Video Games Day is a great time to pull out your old Atari, dust off the Nintendo, or break out the Sega. Do you have kids? This is your moment to shine. Show them the games you grew up playing and have them join the fun!

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